Environmental and Highways

North Northamptonshire Council is responsible for the maintenance of roads, curbs, pavements, drains and some grass verges. The Parish Council is responsible for informing them via Street Dr/Fixmystreet of work that requires doing and subsequently lobbying until it is carried out.


To oversee the condition of the roads, pavements, grass verges and the like and to report such problems as are found to the appropriate authority.


  1. To tour the village once a month to look for pot holes, blocked drains, loose kerbstones and other such faults and to report any repairs needed to the Council via the Street Doctor Service.
  2. To keep a register of what has been reported and when it was reported.
  3. In the autumn to check that the strew-salt bins around the village have been filled and if not, to inform the Parish Clerk.
  4. During the summer months to check that the grass cutting is being carried out according to the contract, and if not to deal directly with the contractor.
  5. On a quarterly basis, to check the condition of the benches around the village and to report any defects to the Parish Clerk.
  6. In the spring of each year, to check whether there are any trees, bushes, shrubs etc either overhanging or impeding any roads or footpaths or that are likely to interfere with the mowing, and to make arrangements to clear any such obstacles.
  7. In the spring and autumn of each year to check the condition of the 20 Millennium Trees on Hinwick Road and to take whatever action necessary to keep them in good condition.
  8. To keep the Parish Council informed of any matters of concern that cannot be dealt with by the committee.
  9. On an annual basis and in conjunction with the Finance Committee prepare a list/plan of the areas of grass to be mowed in and around the village.
  10. Composition – see Environmental and Highways Working Party