The cemetery is owned by the Borough Council. They are responsible for burials and all matters relating to them. North Northamptonshire Council maintain the cemetery.


To oversee the maintenance of the Cemetery to ensure that it is kept in a proper and dignified condition.


  1. To visit the cemetery once a month to check on the condition of the grass, pathways, graves and memorials.
  2. When necessary, to task the contractor responsible for the up keep of the cemetery to rectify any problems providing they fall within the scope of his contract.
  3. Where there are problems outside the scope of his contract, e.g. repairs as a result of vandalism, to report these to North Northamptonshire Council.
  4. To ensure the War Memorial and the surrounding area is in a proper condition for the annual Remembrance Service.
  5. To advise the Parish Clerk of matters that need to be raised with North Northamptonshire Council.