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Bin Collections 2023/2024

Bin Collections and how to report a missed bin collection
The brown bin collections have now stopped.    Domestic black and green bin collections are taken on a Tuesday from Wollaston.  Please leave your bin out from 6pm the evening before and ensure your bin is removed from the public footpath after it has been emptied.  
The link also enables you to report a missed bin collection.   You can put your postcode into the bar, this will let you know which bin collection is next and when.
From Tuesday 24 January 2023, bin collections are changing and will begin with green recycling bins being collected.  Black bins will be collected the week after on Tuesday 31 January 2023.   Please see North Northants Council website for updates on how you can get your black bin collected if it is full and you cannot wait 3 weeks for its collection and how brown bin garden waste is changing and your options.