Service Overview

Wollaston Parish Council oversee many services in Wollaston.


To ensure that it is kept in a proper and dignified condition.

Environmental and Highways

To oversee the condition of the roads, pavements, grass verges and the like and to report such problems as are found to the appropriate authority.


To oversee the footpaths and bridleways in the Parish and to ensure they are kept clear of obstructions. 


To assess the suitability of proposed building(s) for erection in the village. 

Street Lighting

The majority of the street lights within the village are owned by the County Council. Eventually they will assume responsibility for all of them and the Parish Council’s obligation will reduce to that of informing the County Council when lights need attention. 

Playing Field

The Playing Field is owned by the Parish Council and managed on their behalf by the Playing Field Management Committee, a sub-committee of the Parish Council.