Mike Goldsmith

Wollaston Parish Councillor

I have lived with my family in the village since 1991. I was co-opted originally onto the Wollaston Parish Council in 2004 and have served as a Councillor for the last 17 years. I was Chair from 2008 to 2011 when serious illness caused me to have to resign my Chairmanship, but I have remained a Parish Councillor during and after that illness.

I have been the Councillor serving on the Village Hall Management Committee for 15 years and have been Chair of that Committee for the last 5 years. I am also Vice Chair of the Planning Working Group of the Parish Council. My sincerest wish is to continue leading the Parish Council development team promoting the new opportunity that we expect will put us in a position to build a new and larger Village Hall/Community Centre which also includes a Pre-school facility.

My occupation is that of an Occupational Physician and I am the Founder and Life President of an Occupational Health Provider Company based in Northampton and providing services all over Great Britain. I also am President of various healthcare Committees and Organisations. I have significant experience in National Government also, having been a senior Health Policy Adviser to two previous Prime Ministers in the past.

I love Wollaston for its wonderful amenities and its friendly people and wish to go on serving as a Councillor.

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