John Mitchell

Wollaston Parish Councillor

I was elected to the Parish Council in May 2011. I have been involved in both Highways and Planning, and have served on the Playing Field and Parks Committee for the last 10 years.

During my time as a Parish Councillor, I have been instrumental with the following;

2015 Researching and securing the required private funding for the road restructure and eventual adoption of The Gap.
2016 Campaigning to have Superfast Broadband installed in the village
2019 Negotiating match funding between the Parish Council and NCC Highways for road improvements at Bell End / London Rd / South Street / Queens Road etc
2021 Securing funding to enable the recent surface dressing of Backway

2012 – 2016 Chairman of the Wollaston Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.
2019- 2021 Chairman of the Parish Council Planning Working Party

I continue to support all the efforts of the Parish Council towards building a safe environment, a tidy village and improving facilities for the benefit of the community. I will work to ensure that all the developer obligations relating to the Hookhams Path development are fulfilled and delivered. I will also support the anticipated opportunity to build a new Community Hall and Preschool and to provide improved sports facilities especially for the youth.

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