Alan Threadgold

Wollaston Parish Councillor

I was born into a farming family in Bozeat and was educated there and at Wollaston school.
I have lived in Wollaston with my wife for over 40 years.
I am a retired police officer and continue to work for the police, as a member of police staff.
I feel that I am a fair and reasonable person being able to listen to all sides of the debate and can make informed decisions, whilst being calm and collective in difficult situations. So that all issues can be heard and positively actioned within our community to the good of the villagers.
With these life skills I feel I can bring a valued and common sense approach to the everyday processes that might apply to local council proceedings.
The things that I am passionate about but not limited to within our community, are as with many other local areas is the sharp increase in littering. The unnecessary amount of dog fouling (bins are placed in the village to use), Bad and inconsiderate parking, petty vandalism / crime.
The safeguarding of services that we hold dear to village life, like the library a focal point for the community a police presence to deter most of the above from occurring.
These are but a few that I will mention, there are of course many more that you will all feel strongly about which effect daily life in our diverse and friendly village.

Key Responsibilities

Environment and Highways Committee member
Street Lighting Committee member
Footpaths Working Party

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