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Wollaston Surgery - Update

Patient  Participation Group
Wollaston & Bozeat Surgeries
Wollaston, 163 London Rd, Wollaston, NN297QS
Bozeat, Brookside, Bozeat NN297NJ
Telephone 01933 664214
Dear Patient,
I would like to update you all on the progress at Wollaston Surgery, I was asked by the Operations manager Ian Huett to come over and as PPG Secretary to look at the progress on the re modelling of the Surgery, the first and important change is in the number of clinical rooms we are going from 5 to 8 (with a lot of very clever use of space), which is a big addition to the practice.
When you walk into the practice the changes will be immediately noticed as there will be sliding doors to let you in making it far more disabled friendly, you will see the reception desk straight in front of you and directly behind this is a new wall behind that wall is a big change as this will be a new admin area, where 3 receptionists will man 3 phone lines, this has been done to improve privacy and confidentiality when taking calls as this new room will have sound deadening properties, to the left will be folding doors for the meeting room and if required folded back to make a larger area for training purposes.
Which brings us onto one of the new additions as I did say was coming when I reported in the march Bozeat magazine, that is the doubling of the phone lines in both Wollaston and Bozeat, that has now been done and should improve communications as you can appreciate because of Covid most of the consultations are now done over the phone where possible this has put a lot of pressure on the phone lines but with more staff to man these phones, we should soon notice a big difference, in the future the calls will be more streamlined towards the person you want so as to help you get the service you require.
There are other differences to the layout of the surgery which won’t be noticeable for instance the moving and better placed fire exit at the rear of the building with a new exit gate to London road which will be made wheelchair friendly allowing easy exit for all patients, each of the new Clinical rooms will all now have up to date lighting, sinks, and electrically operated beds in most rooms to assist the nurses and doctors, and they will all conform to the latest medical and planning standards, of course with all this expansion and new rooms and phones comes an increase in staff, I would like to pay tribute to all the staff for working and offering all the services during the building work when I visited I was very impressed at the quality and standards that have been achieved, the plans are to have the work all finished by the start of July it will in my opinion make the surgery a very much more efficient and pleasant environment for patients and staff.
On behalf of the P.P.G. which does represent the patient’s interest in the surgery I would like to thank Ian and his staff for the opportunity to view the new improvements to our surgery and look forward to it all being on line and working. If you would like to help the PPG, come and join us thank you, contact 01933 664214.
PPG Secretary.

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