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Hookhams Path Development

The draft Section 106 Agreement is being finalised and the Parish Council awaits the final version of the document when it will be signed by the parties involved and the project can begin.
The Parish Council is unsure of the social housing provider at the site.   Bloor Homes is the developer, continue to check their websites for release dates.  Please register with the Borough Council of Wellingborough's housing department regarding social housing.
Planning Application WP/20/00314/FUL 
Residential development consisting of 98 dwellings, a community woodland, SuDS attenuation. Open space including children's play area, 
access arrangements off Hookhams Path, and associated landscaping, infrastructure and ancillary development.
At a meeting on Wednesday 04 November 2020, The Borough Council Planning Committee granted planning permission in principle and to delegate to the principal planning manager to approve the conditions set in the committee report and late papers following the completion of a S106 planning agreement.
The Committee thought the development was a well thought out scheme and in their opinion was mostly in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan providing benefits for the village without material harm.
The Parish Council's objections in July 2020 for over-development and non-conformity with the Neighbourhood Plan were not accepted by the applicant, as the applicant was satisfied that the application would be approved at the Committee stage.
The Parish Council then submitted a response to a Borough consultation in September 2020 with our suggestions for compromise, but the discussions with the applicant still did not result in a reduction of the number of homes. Therefore, as we were unable to reduce the number of houses, the Parish Council decided to focus on maximizing S106 benefit as a means of mitigating the impact of 98 homes on this site. 
The housing forecast and the S106 benefits are anticipated to be as follows:-
39 affordable homes of which 11 will be for shared ownership.
59 market homes including 4 bungalows and 5 plots for custom build homes
£348k - Early Years education 
£340k - Senior school facilities
£21k - Library facilities
£50k - Health Care Wollaston Surgery
£136k - Playing Pitches improvements and provision of additional capacity
£53k – Sports Halls
£36k - Allotment provision
£25k – Contribution towards an Irchester – Wollaston Cycle Path
2 ha of Woodland on site for community use
1 ha of open green space on site
0.3 ha of land off site for the building of a  new Community Hall and Preschool
The Parish Council have been notified that the actual S106 funds will become available during stages of the development.
The Parish Council negotiated to extend the 0.3 ha of land to build a new Community Hall and Preschool as a larger plot is required. These negotiations are ongoing with the landowner as we are also looking for additional land for junior cricket and football playing fields. Further announcements will be made in due course.