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Wollaston Community Library
Keep an eye out on social media when the library will re open.    There are currently exciting and informative displays in the window.
The relaunch of Wollaston Library took place on Saturday 01 February 2020.  We are so privileged to have this asset and thank all the volunteers and everyone behind the scenes who donate their free time to keeping this asset open.  The event was well attended and it was great to see a local author and children's author, Julia Jarman formally open the library.  There was a cake and bubbly to celebrate the launch.
The purchase of the library by Wollaston Community Library Limited has been delayed due to requirements of the energy performance certification, which is being addressed.  The Thrift Shop continues to fund the library together with a donation of a grant from the Parish Council  which will be available in the new financial year.  The Friends of Wollaston Library continue to support the library by fund raising and taking it in turns to open the library to the residents of the village.  If you want to help, pop in and speak to a library representative.  There is also a qualified librarian from NCC who attends the library on set days.  Wollaston Parish Council will be supporting the library by way of a grant of £1,000 this financial year 2021-2022.
Please support your library and keep it open for everyone to use so we don't lose this valuable community asset.