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Wollaston Community Library

Wollaston Community Library
Opening hours are as follows:
Tuesday 1 - 5pm
Wednesday 10 - 2pm
Saturday 10 - 12.30pm.
A note from the library team:
"Wollaston Community Library has emerged from the former County Council run library in the village. Financed by a combination of grants from the Parish Council, donations from local businesses and income generated from the Thrift Shop round the corner in Council Street, the library is entirely self-funding and staffed entirely by volunteers.
Located centrally in the village on Newton Road (just next door to the Co-op) and having been subject to a facelift to reflect its new identity, the organisers hope to develop the library as a community hub for the village. Any groups who feel they can make use of the space or would like to play a part in the development of the service are encouraged to contact us.
Wollaston Community Library wants to become an integral part of the lives of all generations of those living in Wollaston and the surrounding villages. Please help us to help you by letting us know what you would like to see in your local library!"
The relaunch of Wollaston Library took place on Saturday 01 February 2020.  We are so privileged to have this asset and thank all the volunteers and everyone behind the scenes who donate their free time to keeping this asset open.  The event was well attended and it was great to see a local author and children's author, Julia Jarman formally open the library.  There was a cake and bubbly to celebrate the launch.
Please support your library and keep it open for everyone to use so we don't lose this valuable community asset.  You can contact them via Wollaston Community Library FB page, or via    01604 368255.