Minutes WPC meeting, March 2024

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PRESENT Councillors Alvis (Chair), Boddington, Boycott, Carter, Goldsmith, Hodson, Jones, Milroy, Mitchell, Savage (Vice Chair), Talbutt, Threadgold and Mrs S. Grant (Clerk & RFO).

IN ATTENDANCE:  Cllr JP-Carr, Griffiths & Partridge-Underwood (NNC












Apologies were received from Cllr Alms, PCSO Fenner & Santa Pod representative (illness).

24/024 – NORTH NORTHANTS COUNCIL – Cllr Partridge-Underwood advised that it was unfortunate that the Santa Pod representative was not present as the December Ward meeting with Santa Pod was extremely positive. Litter issues to be highlighted to representative and a proposal sent for Santa Pod to carry out a litter pick at the end of the season.  Santa Pod have been sent details for Village Magazine entries, no response yet.  Cllr Carr to forward Clerk the email from Graeme Kane with answers on Additional Government Funding for Highways Improvements for circulation.  Cllr Griffiths updated the committee on the proposed Solar Farm to be located within Eastern Maudit and north Mears Ashby which would be the largest in the country, covering 10 Parishes, 2 Unitary authorities, conservation areas and 350 listed buildings and will be decided by the Secretary of State.  This proposal is in the early stages and a combined Parish Forum to downsize or reject this proposal is required.  Cllr Carr to send Clerk the Green Farm Solar Farm presentation for circulation. The petition against this project currently has 700 signatures.

Cllr Milroy raised the issue of lack of local urgent medical care/Dr appointments. A PPG (Patient Participant Group) has been established recently to discuss these current issues.



J-P Carr/ Clerk







J-P Carr


None relating to business on the agenda.


24/026 – MINUTES

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting from 15th February 2024 were agreed and signed as a true account.   Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


Report circulated with Agenda, appendix 1.

Councillor drop-in session held on February 24th 9.30-10.30am, Cllr Savage & Jones  attended, there was no attendance from the public. Next session to be held in the Autumn or in line with the development of the Village Hall.

Kier Sessions – Wollaston Library 21st May 1pm & Swanspool House.  Clerk to circulate reminder.

Cycle Path Meeting Monday 25th March 7pm Irchester Library.  Cllr Boycott & Clerk to attend.

NACRE (Community Facilities) membership renewed for 2024/2025 @ a cost of £35 excluding VAT.

CPRE (Countryside charity) membership renewed for 2024/2025 @ a cost of £36 excluding VAT.

Wollaston Women’s Institute has unfortunately voted to close due to lack of members.  Full update available in the Wollaston Together Magazine.


The Asset Register for 2023/24 and the Draft Risk Assessment Policy were reviewed and approved unanimously.



It was RESOLVED to instruct Smiths of Derby to visit and repair the Nags Head Clock at a cost of £650 plus VAT (no parts included).  11 voted for, 1 against. Clerk
24/028 – FINANCES

Receipts circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for February 2024.  Proposed by Cllr Carter Seconded by Cllr Boycott.  Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


February 2024 – Receipts


Interest (95-day saver) * 607                                           £187.15

Interest   *823                                                                         £ 31.82

Interest (95-day saver) *581                                            £149.92


Payments Circulated.  It was RESOLVED to approve payments for February 2024.   Proposed by Cllr Talbutt. Seconded by Cllr Savage.  Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


February 2024 (nett) – PC Payments


Office/phone/website/stationery/emails/training – LGA ’72 s111/2   £   417.87

Staff/HMRC/pension – LGA 1972 s133                                                       £  1,542.81

Village Grass cut & Weed – OS Act 1906 ss 9&10                                  £ 1,387.75

Playing Fields OS Act 1906 ss10                                                                    £ 2,115.83

Maintenance OS Act 1906 SS10                                                                    £ 5.99

Street Lighting Highways Act 1980, S301                                                  £ 1,083.05

Summer Festival Magician from £5K Grant                                              £ 425.00

Tree Work Pyghtles S106 monies                                                                  £ 260.00


24/029 – REPORTS


(a)      New Community Centre/preschool Update –

Cllr Goldsmith thanked Cllr Alvis, Mitchell and Carter for their continued work on this project.  Parking Survey sent to 12 residents in the High Street who have had permission since 2017 to use the car park and we await a confirmed proposition from Dr Martens regarding the possible license basis proposed.  20/22 extra car parking spaces are required.

The initial Surveyor costs have come back at £1.23 million (maximum). Cllr Mitchell has contacted the previous Structural Engineer for a second opinion.  Next step is to apply for the pre app & hold a meeting on April 3rd with the NNC S106 funding team.  There has been no response from the Duchy. Possible stall at the Summer Festival after the pre app to present to the village – this may initiate expertise within the Village for the project.  Cllr Boycott to request his son (Structural Engineer) to undertake a site visit and feedback.

Playing fields & Parks Management Committee (Draft Minutes appendix 4) Cllr Savage reported work had been undertaken by Midland Trees for two storm damaged trees at the Playing Field.

             Environmental, Highways, Cemetery & Street Lights Update – Two lights in

the Churchyard have been reported to E-on as not working.  Meeting held

with NPS and PC to discuss new Church Lane Light.  It was agreed to proceed

with this (NPS will pay for labour and PC for materials).  11 voted for, 1

against.  Proposed by Cllr Mitchell, Seconded by Cllr Threadgold.

Street Dr/Fix My Street Report – Report circulated (Appendix 5) ongoing pot hole issues, some have been repaired and temporary fixes are not lasting.  Blocked drain in the Churchyard to be reported on Fix My Street to establish owner of the pathway.


(b)     Footpaths Update – Cllr Alms has written letter for the Clerk to send regarding the opening of the gateway on Shepherds Hill onto private land which has been closed by the Farmer after 20 years of use as a public right of way. Response received 21/03/24 from Kexby Estates advising pathway will remain closed. Clerk to speak to Cllr Alms for next steps.


(c)      Village Hall management Committee Update – No meeting held in March.  New Caretaker appointed.  Current Treasurer to retire in September.  Advert for Facebook and Wollaston magazine to be drawn up for new volunteer. Clerk
(d)     Crime and Community Safety Update – PCSO Donna Fenner sent in a report advising that there had been 12 crimes in February.
(e)     Community Events Update – Cllr Boddington advised that the Spring Magazine had been issued, it was a busy edition with new contributions, this was the 9th Edition/third year and the magazine remains financially stable – the Councillors thanked Cllr Boddington for his hard work.  Cllr Milroy reminded the Councillors of the Summer Festival on Sunday 30th June.  Volunteers are desperately needed, and a rota will be drawn up.
24/030 – PLANNING

(a)      Applications

Schedule was circulated with Agenda (Appendix 6).

NW/21/01080/HSC Scott Bader – Re-classification of chemicals by H&S – awaiting decision.

NW/24/00059/FUL – Wollaston School 3G synthetic pitch – WPC no objection.

NW/24/00001/FUL – 1-3 High Street – Awaiting decision, WPC requested that residents’ comments are taken into account.  Public meeting held 20/03/24.  Application agreed 21/3/24.

NW/24/00096/FUL – 48 Irchester Road – Installation of air source heat pump – WPC No objection.

NW/24/00090/LDP – Wollaston School Single storey pavilion – WPC no objection

NW/24/00132/TCA – 114 High Street removal of Elm Tree – WPC No objection

NW/24/00089/LN – Water Tower Irchester Road – installation of electronic communications – No decision required – approved.

NW/24/00128/FUL – 70 York Road – rear extension.  WPC no objection.

NW/24/00147/FUL – 92 London Road – Demolition of existing dwelling & erection of two storey, 4 bed detached dwelling with double garage – WPC no objection.


Meeting of Wollaston Parish Council meeting to take place on Thursday 18th April 2024, 7pm, Oasis Building, High Street, Wollaston.


The Chair thanked Councillors for their attendance. The meeting was closed at 8.40pm.