Minutes WPC meeting, June 2024

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ON THURSDAY 20th June 2024.

PRESENT: Councillors Alms, Alvis (Chair), Goldsmith, Jones, Milroy, Mitchell, Savage (Vice Chair), Talbutt, Threadgold and Mrs S. Grant (Clerk & RFO).
Cllr Carr & Partridge-Underwood.

IN ATTENDANCE:  No members of the public attended.





Apologies were received from Cllr Boddington, Boycott, Carter and Hodson.

PCSO Donna Fenner and Cllr Griffiths.


24/057 – NORTH NORTHANTS COUNCIL – Cllr Carr updated on the A509 footpath crossing warning signs from NNC, these are not currently on the list due to various reasons.  Cllr Goldsmith and Savage to provide details of historical A509 fatality for Cllr Carr. Outstanding 40mph A509 roundel signs and South Street safety barrier emails to be forwarded to Cllr Carr by the Clerk. Failed road surface at Bell End/Irchester Road junction which was repaired as a joint venture in 2018 with NNC and WPC has been continuously chased with Highways.  Clerk/JM to send Cllr Carr emails to raise with Graeme Kane.  Cllr Carr to provide Cllr Alms with Bedfordshire point of contact for Green Lane.



None relating to business on the agenda.


24/059 – MINUTES

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting from 16th May 2024 were agreed and signed as a true account.   Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


24/060 – Financial Regulations 2024

It was RESOLVED to approve the 2024 Financial Regulations.  Clerk to publish on website. Proposed by Cllr Threadgold, Seconded by Cllr Milroy.  Unanimously agreed, motion carried.





24/061 – To consider and discuss potential Lollipop Person for Cobbs Lane

Cost to the Parish Council would be c£7,800 per year.  Various options such as flashing school warning signs/traffic calming measures discussed. As this was not a written request to the Parish Council, no further action required.



Report circulated with Agenda, appendix 1.

BLOOR HOMES – Confirmation that road space has been booked to complete the remaining offsite footway improvement works along the northern side of Hookhams Path.  These works will take place between 29th July to the 12th of August.  Traffic Management will consist of multi-way signals to control traffic and driveways will have continued access throughout the works duration.  Contractor is Mida Civil Engineering and Mida personnel will be on site to answer any queries.  Clerk to post onto social media nearer the time.

BUS ROUTES – Email requests received from residents for the W8 Bus to run into Olney and direct into Northampton.  Irchester does apparently have a bus direct into Northampton.  Clerk has contacted Stagecoach, but the response was not positive, it’s a lengthy process – discussions with council, and the traffic commissioners, along with providing a plan and presenting evidence of why this would benefit the public.  They have taken recommendations for consideration to the relevant teams.  Clerk passed Village Hopper timetable as this runs from Wollaston to Northampton & includes the hospital.  Village Hopper meeting to be held Monday 24th June 7.30pm, attendance requested.

GREENWAY CYCLE ROUTE – Brief update from the Projects Officer, awaiting costs of the design of the route from Highways.  Letters have been sent out to affected landowners/business and only response from Wollaston School to date who were supportive.

COBBS LANE CEMETERY – Further complaints received and raised with the team at NNC regarding the maintenance of the Cemetery and the collapsed wall.

S137 ANNUAL PC GRANTS – The Village Hopper have received a large grant (£26k) from WNC & the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, therefore not requiring the £750.00 grant that we had allowed in the Budget.  Message has been issued on social media for all Village Groups to apply for application form for the Youth Grant.

WOLLASTON LITTER PICK – Saturday 29th June 9.30am

WEBSITE TRAINING Due to complex background issues with the website, Clerk training still hasn’t been delivered.  However, our Website Host is carrying out the website function for the Clerk with no issues.  Will continue to chase.

SKATEPARK/GREEN SPACE – Pre app applied for on May 23rd.  Awaiting outcome (approx. 8 weeks).

MANCHESTER MEMORIAL – This Saturday 22nd June 12 noon.  Shepherds Hill.

BUS SHELTER IRCHESTER ROAD ROOF REPAIR – Two quotes obtained for the repair to the roof of the bus shelter on Irchester Road.  £250.00 plus VAT.

SCOTT BADER -Annual shutdown 29th July – 12th August, may be some excessive noise during the day, residents in Francis Dickens Close have been advised via letter.  Still changing to the new alarm system, slow process will share new system when completed.

PPG – Chair attended a meeting of the Wollaston & Bozeat Patient Participation Group last week. Updates will be available on social media and the Wollaston Together Magazine.

CLERK’S APPRAISAL Held on Friday 14th June with Cllr Carter & Goldsmith.

Clerk Holiday Monday 24th June, CiLCA course Tuesday 16th July.

Clerk Holiday Thursday 25th July – Monday August 12th.


24/063 – FINANCES

Receipts circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for May 2024.  Proposed by Cllr Alms, Seconded by Cllr Talbott.  Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


May 2024 – Receipts

Receipts circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for May 2024.  Proposed by Cllr Alms, Seconded by Cllr Talbott.  Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


May 2024 – Receipts

09/05/2024 NNC Finance 50% of Rural Grant for VH Development £5,485.00
10/05/2024 Lloyds Bank *823 Interest £65.05
10/05/2024 Nick Shelton Contribution to PF Bollard Motor £1,116.17
23/05/2024 Nick Shelton Contribution to PF Bollard Control Panel £307.08
31/05/2024 Nationwide Interest *607 Interest £195.17
31/05/2024 Nationwide Interest *581 Interest £252.25
TOTAL: £7,420.72



Payments Circulated.  It was RESOLVED to approve payments for May 2024.   Proposed by Cllr Talbott , Seconded by Cllr Goldsmith.  Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


NPS Shoes Office Hire & Internet May 2024 £304.17 £60.83 £365.00
Tesco Mobile Monthly mobile Phone Contract £15.99 £0.00 £15.99
LV Pension LV Pension S Grant WPC Contribution £66.16 £0.00 £66.16
WhiteStar Ltd Monthly Website hosting fee £35.00 £0.00 £35.00
CPRE Annual Membership Countryside Charity £36.00 £0.00 £36.00
NCALC Training Course S Grant/Cllr Boddington/Jones £639.00 £127.80 £766.80
Hayeswood Landscapes Village Grass Cut April 2024 £1,839.44 £367.88 £2,207.32
NCALC NCALC Membership/Internal Audit/Data Protection £1,616.08 £86.40 £1,702.48
Yu Energy Street Lighting 01 April – 30 April 2024 £6.86 £0.34 £7.20
Yu Energy Street Lighting 01 April – 30 April 2024 £7.50 £0.38 £7.88
Yu Energy Street Lighting 01 April – 30 April 2024 £62.56 £3.13 £65.69
Amazon Gold Paint £9.71 £1.94 £11.65
Mrs Suzanne Grant May 2024  salary £1,284.42 £0.00 £1,284.42
HMRC Employer NI employee NI Tax payment £177.43 £0.00 £177.43
Playground Supplies Supply & Fit 2 handles on petal rocker £259.00 £51.80 £310.80
AGD Systems New BFT Column Motor for PF Bollard £2,232.34 £446.47 £2,678.81
PHP Architects Planning Application Fee & Stage 2 RIBA fees £2,140.00 £300.00 £2,440.00
Martin Andrews Consulting Ltd Transport Statement & Site visits to Wollaston VH £1,750.00 £350.00 £2,100.00
Zurich Insurance Annual Insurance – CC and SA to contribute % £2,668.44 £0.00 £2,668.44
AGD Systems New Control Panel for PF Bollard £614.16 £122.83 £736.99
NNC Pre app for Skate Park £212.50 £42.50 £255.00
Barton Petroluem Tractor Fuel (PF) £165.00 £33.00 £198.00
GRAND TOTAL: £16,141.76 £1,995.30 £18,137.06
24/064 – REPORTS
(a)      New Community Centre/preschool Update – Pre app is now in with outcome due in 3-4 weeks.  Once this is confirmed, funding to be re-visited, LUF application was unsuccessful.  The Duchy have confirmed that subject to planning compliance with the S106 and HSE Zones, a Deed of Variation can be applied for change of use to a Green Space/Skate Park for the 0.3h land in Irchester Road.  This would involve both the Duchy and Bloor’s solicitors to draw up a Deed of Variation (Duchy’s legal costs for the Deed of variation to be met by Wollaston Parish Council).  Wollaston Parish Council to commence legal enquiries and instruct a local Solicitor.


(b)     Playing fields & Parks Management Committee (Draft Minutes appendix 4)  Weed & Seed booked for Wednesday 26th June, field will be closed.    Environmental, Highways, Cemetery & Street Lights Update –Street Dr/Fix My Street Report Report circulated (Appendix 5) Two Street Lights are out and are to be reported. TS
(c)      Footpaths Update – Meeting held on May 29th 2pm with Kexby Estates to discuss the closed Shepherds Hill footpath. Discussion was held to potentially open up a short stretch of 200/300m as a Permissive Path with a new gate, to cut back overgrown grass and erect no access signs.  Cllr Alms and Threadgold to provide a proposal. JA/AT
(d)     Village Hall management Committee Update – (Draft minutes appendix 6) no issues.  Potential paid replacement for Treasurer has been found following unsuccessful volunteer recruitment exercise.

(e)     Crime and Community Safety Update – There were 11 crimes reported in April and 20 in May.  Speed Camera exercise held with two reported offences over 35 mph issued for London Road, Wollaston.

(f)        Community Events Update – D-Day 80th anniversary event held on June 6th in conjunction with the museum and was a great success. Wollaston Festival Sunday 30th June 12.30-4.30pm – Volunteers organised.  Clerk to pass road closure notice to Cllr Savage.



24/065 – PLANNING

(g)      Applications

Schedule was circulated with Agenda (Appendix 7).

NW/21/01080/HSC Scott Bader – Re-classification of chemicals by H&S – awaiting decision.

NW/24/00059/FUL – Wollaston School 3G synthetic pitch – WPC no objection.  Application permitted.

NW/24/00128/FUL – 70 York Road – rear extension.  WPC no objection. Application permitted.

NW/24/00147/FUL – 92 London Road – Demolition of existing dwelling & erection of two storey, 4 bed detached dwelling with double garage – WPC no objection.

NW/24/00235/PAD – Scott Bader UK – Demolition of portal steel frame building – WPC no objection

NW/24/00242/LDP – 193 London Road – change of use from domestic garage to a aesthetics business.  WPC no objection.

NW/24/00319/PAMB – Agricultural Barn in field to the east of A509. – WPC support concerns of the LHA and have a desire to see plans for the means of access/egress onto A509.

Clerk to enquire with NNC Planning regarding activity on Hardwater Road.



Meeting of Wollaston Parish Council meeting to take place on Thursday July 18th 2024, 7pm, Oasis Building, High Street, Wollaston.


The Chair thanked Councillors for their attendance. The meeting was closed at 8.40pm.


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