Minutes WPC meeting, January 2024

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PRESENT Councillors Alms, Boddington, Boycott, Goldsmith, Hodson, Jones, Milroy, Mitchell, Savage (Vice Chair), Talbot, Threadgold and Mrs S. Grant (Clerk & RFO).

IN ATTENDANCE:    No members of the Public.  Cllr J-P Carr (NNC)





Apologies were received from Cllr Alvis (Chair), Carter, Partridge-Underwood & PCSO Fenner


24/003 – NORTH NORTHANTS COUNCIL – Cllr Carr reported that Highways are

currently investigating the removal of one car length of double yellow lines outside 64 High Street. Clerk to confirm agreement.

Ian Boyes (Highways) will be retiring in February.  WPC to send email thanking him for his assistance.

Wellingborough Crematorium awarded excellence award.

NNC has appointed Adele Wylie as the Council’s new Chief Executive.

Due to the cold weather SWEP has been triggered (severe weather emergency protocol).

NNC are running and supporting the warm spaces initiative.

Coats for Kids campaign continues.

New toilet facilities now available at Wellingborough Library for people living with  disabilities.

Cllr Carr encouraged Cllrs to complete the Consultation on NNC Spending Plans.

Cllr Alms requested Cllr Carr raise the issue now that The Government has given councils more funding for Highways improvements. How much has NNC been awarded, what are they doing with it, and will Wollaston and the immediate area see any of it for full road resurfacing, improvements and repairs and in particular potholes.  Cllr Carr to report back.


None relating to business on the agenda.


24/005 – MINUTES

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting from 21st December 2023 were agreed and signed as a true account.   Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


24/006 – Installation of New Street Light in Church Lane

Mr Ivor Tilley (NPS Shoes) has agreed to fund, subject to quotation, a new lamp at

the top of Church Lane due to being extremely dark.  Clerk, Cllr Savage and Mitchell

to meet E-on Tuesday 23rd January to discuss.



Report circulated with Agenda, appendix 1.


Clerk confirmed that a new account for Village Hall expenditure had been created and funds of £44,305 had been transferred.

Cllr Drop-in session to be held in the library on Saturday 24th February to coincide with PCSO Donna Fenner’s surgery.  Cllr Savage and Cllr Hodson (tbc) to attend.

Complaint from Hookhams Path resident concerning parking issues from the Top School with parents and sixth formers. Clerk to contact the Chair of Governors.

Coronation Clock (Nags Head) Smiths of Derby quoted £1,000’s for new clock, Oundle clockmakers cannot help.  Cllr Carr to send Clerk details of Bedford Clockmaker.

By-election confirmed as Thursday 15th February.

Resident made contact regarding the removal of the BT payphone in St Michaels Lane and changing into a library.  Wollaston Library have contacted BT for details of adoption.  Await details.

Update on Wollaston to Irchester cycle path strategy, awaiting Irchester PC Working Party and contact from Lucy Hawes as this project was highlighted as top of the list for trialling.















24/008 – FINANCES

Receipts circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for December 2023.  Proposed by Cllr Mitchell. Seconded by Cllr Threadgold.   Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


December 2023 – Receipts


Interest (95 day saver 3.75%)                                          £71.92

Interest   (*823 1.30%)                                                      £105.05



Payments Circulated.  It was RESOLVED to approve payments for December 2023.   Proposed by Cllr Goldsmith. Seconded by Cllr Boddington.  Unanimously agreed, motion carried.



December 2023 (nett) – PC Payments


Office/phone/website/stationery/emails/training – LGA ’72 s111/2   £665.95

Staff/HMRC/pension – LGA 1972 s133                                                      £2,143.00

Village Grass cut & Weed – OS Act 1906 ss 9&10                                    £1,387.75

Playing Fields OS Act 1906 ss10                                                                   £1,520.58

Maintenance OS Act 1906 SS10                                                                     £23.00

Street Lighting Highways Act 1980, S301                                                      £88.00

S106 Pyghtles/Neale Close Tree/Grass Work                                             £800.00


It was RESOLVED to agree the Q3 Budget to end of December 2023.  Appendix 4

Proposed by Cllr Savage, Seconded by Cllr Jones.  Unanimously agreed, motion carried. (Clerk to amend Line 24 Community Centre as this £20K has been transferred into new bank account since publishing).





























24/009 – REPORTS


(a)   New Community Centre/preschool Update – Cllr Mitchell circulated the architect plans for Parish Councillors Consultation. Plans show a first-floor building with a moveable acoustic wall for flexibility and giving Busy Bees preschool a stand-alone function space between 8am-6pm and 36 children.  Further meetings to be held with the Architect and following a meeting with Martin Draper of County Highways, parking surveys will need to be carried out to ensure that we can meet the parking requirements.  Written letter required to the Duchy to ensure that the Parish Council is compensated for the recovery of £5,435 spent on original site plans which HSE have confirmed as unsuitable due to risk zones.  The Parish Council need to agree a change of use for Irchester Road for a potential Skate Park and for the HSE rules to be determined.  A discussion was held to highlight the potential of the London Road Playing Fields to be considered as an option for the new Village Hall.  Potential risks include Flooding, no sewerage, remote location, space and location is Strixton, not Wollaston.


Clerk to add to February agenda as a Resolution.  The Committee thanked Cllr Mitchell and Goldsmith for their work, and it was agreed to continue with the next steps of obtaining a pre app and Parking surveys.





















(b)  Playing fields & Parks Management Committee (Draft Minutes, Appendix 5)  Environmental, Highways, Cemetery & Street Lights Update – no issues
Street Dr/Fix My Street Report – Report circulated (Appendix 6) – Shepherds Hill large pothole fixed, but flooding issue still needs to be resolved and further road repairs required.
(c)   Footpaths Update – Cllr Goldsmith advised London Road sheep field gate has had new latch and post.
(d)  Village Hall management Committee Update – draft minutes circulated (Appendix 7).  Draft AGM Minutes Circulated (Appendix 8) & Annual Trustee’s Report & Financial Statement (Appendix 9).  Cllr Goldsmith reported that the WVHMC was not happy with losing the £5K Grant from WPC.  This was added to the Community Centre Funds.  Treasurer is retiring in September and a potential replacement lined up via Busy Bees.
(e)  Crime and Community Safety Update – PCSO Donna Fenner sent in a report advising that there had been 28 crimes in December.
(f)    Community Events Update – Cllr Boddington advised Cllr Goldsmith was producing the next Wollaston Magazine PC article, deadline 12th Feb.  Planning is underway for the Summer Festival on June 30th, 2024.
24/010 – PLANNING

(g)   Applications

Schedule was circulated with Agenda (Appendix 10).


NW/21/010808/HSC Scott Bader – Inspection has started. Awaiting decision. Clerk to arrange for a Scott Bader representative to attend next PC meeting to consult on this planning application and the article on the 30m investment to transform the manufacturing site that the Parish have not been consulted on.  


NW/22/00684/FUL 89 Hinwick Road – Still awaiting decision.  PC no objection
NW/23/0020/VAR/AMD 92 London Road – Non-material amendment to condition 2 (Approved Plans) of planning permission reference: NW/22/00525/FUL. Amendment to consist of Internal alterations to existing house footprint, alterations to dormer and rooflight position and addition of side door in place of window.  Awaiting Decision.


NW/23/00796/LDP – Wollaston Hall (Scott Bader) – Awaiting Decision
NW/23/00825/FUL – 145 Hinwick Road – WPC No objection.  Current investigation on ownership of land.  Awaiting Decision. Application likely to be refused due to planning policies.  WPC to request some flexibility (gravel, rubber grass mats)


NW/23/00824/FUL – 157 Hinwick Road – WPC no objection.
NW/24/00001/FUL – 1-3 High Street – Deadline for WPC to respond is 5th February

Cllr. Jones to send out communication for the Planning Meeting to convene.




Meeting of Wollaston Parish Council meeting to take place on Thursday 15th February 2024, 7pm, Oasis Building, High Street, Wollaston.


The Chair thanked Councillors for their attendance. The meeting was closed at 9.15pm.