Minutes WPC meeting, February 2024

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PRESENT Councillors Alms, Alvis (Chair), Boddington, Boycott, Carter, Goldsmith, Hodson, Jones, Milroy, Mitchell, Savage (Vice Chair), Talbot, Threadgold and Mrs S. Grant (Clerk & RFO).

IN ATTENDANCE:    3 Representatives from Scott Bader, Cllr JP-Carr & Partridge-Underwood (NNC)


Scott Bader representatives attended the meeting upon the request of the Parish Council to brief on the following:

·      The recently announced £30m/five-year expansion plans to transform the manufacturing site and the effect on the village.  SB advised that the plan is to tidy up the manufacturing site, move the more reactive chemicals furthest away to minimise impact on the village and to upgrade some assets to non-reactive chemicals.  SB were not aware of the HSE re-classified zones and admitted that there had been poor communication between NNC, the Developer and the Duchy resulting in the loss of the Irchester Road site for a Community Hall/preschool for the village.  SB to check this information and report back to the Clerk.


·      Changing of egress point for all vehicles who visit the main site from SB High Street entrance to York Road – WPC voiced their concerns that this will substantially increase the traffic on York Road which does not have a pavement.  Chris Vaughan (SB Wollaston Site Lead) to investigate and report back to Clerk. SB
·      Risk to the people of Wollaston – SB confirmed that communication had previously been poor and this needs to improve, together with training and being more proactive and responsive to residents.  SB is a low-risk site and incidents are very few, but the procedures need to be reviewed and revised and the alarm system looked into in the event of an emergency.  Scott Bader re-iterated that they are working towards a safer, cleaner operation and are keen to remain a good neighbour to the residents of Wollaston.



Apologies were received from PCSO Fenner & Cllr Martin Griffiths.



Cllr Carr advised that a response had been received from George Candler (Executive Director of Place & Economy) following WPC request for an answer on funding for Highways Improvements within Wollaston.  The response advises that NNC has been given a £2.1m pothole repair uplift from cancelled HS2 savings over a period of 2 years.  This is in addition to the existing funding allocation for the ten years from 2023/24 of £62.45m.  No decisions have been made yet of how this money will be spent and a decision is expected in March 2024.  Cllr Carr to send Clerk the letter and link to forward to all Councillors for questions.



None relating to business on the agenda.


24/016 – MINUTES

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting from 18th January 2024 were agreed and signed as a true account.   Unanimously agreed, motion carried.



Report circulated with Agenda, appendix 1.


Councillor drop-in session confirmed as February 24th 9.30-10.30am, Cllr Savage & Jones to attend.  PCSO Donna Fenner will also be in attendance and confirmed that the previous surgery was successful.


Response from Mr Simon Anderson on school parking issues in Hookhams Path raised at the last meeting.  The school provide adequate parking spaces for both and students and staff.  Reminder was sent in newsletter dated 26th Jan and additional staff will be posted in the area.  Clerk has advised the resident concerned and requested feedback on the situation if it does not improve.

Clerk has invited a representative from Santa Pod to attend March WPC Meeting.


A free first aid training session was held by Nene Valley Community First Responders on 6th February.  Unfortunately, this was not supported by the village residents.


Quotation received from E-on for the new streetlamp in Church Lane to be potentially funded by NPS which includes trenching at a cost of £1,860.  Cllr Mitchell to forward to Mr Ivor Tilley for review.


Resident from Orchard Close reported anti-social behaviour from the Churchyard,  Clerk reported to PCSO Fenner who will monitor.


Cllr Savage updated on the Nags Head clock, awaiting quotation from a supplier for a repair.  Both internal and external photos have been sent.


Clerk holiday Friday 23rd February and Monday 26th February.


New 36 month contract for unmetered street lighting negotiated with Yu Energy following end of npower contract.  New price is £85 pm inc. VAT.

Clerk to commence CiLCA (certificate in local council administration) on March 19th.


Standing Orders and Internal Financial Controls were reviewed and approved unanimously.



24/018 – FINANCES

Receipts circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for January 2024.  Proposed by Cllr Mitchell. Seconded by Cllr Goldsmith.   Unanimously agreed, motion carried.



January 2024 – Receipts


Interest (95 day saver) * 607 (Dec interest)                   £170.26

Interest   *823                                                                     £ 75.31

Interest (95 day saver) *581                                             £ 95.29

Interest (95 day saver) * 607                                            £181.24

HMRC VAT Return                                                               £2,371.37

Busy Bees Transferred in error                                         £536.00

Zurich Insurance (picnic bench)                                        £763.60



Payments Circulated.  It was RESOLVED to approve payments for January 2024.   Proposed by Cllr Threadgold. Seconded by Cllr Talbot.  Unanimously agreed, motion carried.



January 2024 (nett) – PC Payments


Office/phone/website/stationery/emails/training – LGA ’72 s111/2   £ 371.36

Staff/HMRC/pension – LGA 1972 s133                                                       £ 1,601.33

Village Grass cut & Weed – OS Act 1906 ss 9&10                                     £ 1,387.75

Playing Fields OS Act 1906 ss10                                                                    £403.42

Maintenance OS Act 1906 SS10                                                                    £3.50

Street Lighting Highways Act 1980, S301                                                    £437.25

Transfer back to Busy Bees (paid to PC in error)                                        £536.00


24/019 – REPORTS


(a)   New Community Centre/preschool Update – To RESOLVE the proposal to explore the option of the New Community Centre at the Playing Fields location. (JA) . Cllr Alms put to the committee the proposal based on the following:

Great Benefit of a new site and facilities rather than adapting old.

Huge amount of space – flexibility of design and use.

Financial benefit of incorporating more income.

Parking – preschool only used in the daytime.

Flooding and Sewerage problems can be overcome.

Possibility of extending the land via neighbouring fields.

Vote – 1 in favour, 11 against, 1 abstained.  Motion declined.


Cllr Goldsmith circulated new plans for the Village Hall refurbishment following feedback from meetings held with regular hall users (bowls, dance and preschool).  The main hall is to be expanded with 2 access points to allow for multi users and will be a more attractive building in keeping with the surrounding area. Next steps include a meeting with Doc Martens to obtain further parking spaces, a meeting with Martin Draper (NNC) and to obtain a Transport Statement and apply for a pre app.  Meeting to be held with the Duchy to discuss a reasonable contribution towards the redevelopment costs of the existing Village Hall and new preschool as well as requesting a rebate of £7,000 which has been the initial expense incurred in trying to develop a site which was not fit for purpose.


(b)  Playing fields & Parks Management Committee (Draft Minutes to follow) Cllr Savage reported finances were tight for the Sports Association and an emergency meeting had been held.   Repairs undertaken on play equipment, new picnic bench and cradle seats fitted.

  Environmental, Highways, Cemetery & Street Lights Update – Fly Tipping along Hardwater and Hinwick Road have been reported by the Clerk.  London Road pathway to Playing Fields has been cleared by Wellingborough Womble group.   E-on have provided quote for new Street Lamp in Church Way.

Street Dr/Fix My Street Report – Report circulated (Appendix 4)


(c)   Footpaths Update – Cllr Alms to write letter for the Clerk regarding the opening of the gateway on Shepherds Hill onto private land which has been closed by the Farmer after 20 years of use as a public right of way. JA
(d)  Village Hall management Committee Update – draft minutes circulated (Appendix 5). Cllr Goldsmith requested that the WPC £5K annual grant is reconsidered as the Village Hall will struggle without this (£5k has been allocated towards the development of the VH not the day to day running).  This will be considered & reviewed by the Committee if needed.  Caretaker interviews have been held and a new applicant appointed.  
(e)  Crime and Community Safety Update – PCSO Donna Fenner sent in a report advising that there had been 17 crimes in January. Cllr Milroy reported that extra policing patrols will soon be deployed in areas of high levels of anti-social behaviour in Northamptonshire with £3m awarded to the county over the last two years. Any Councillors wishing to attend the next PLR meeting on Tuesday 26th March in Towcester @ £40 per ticket, please contact Cllr Milroy.

(f)    Community Events Update – Cllr Boddington advised Cllr Goldsmith was producing the next Wollaston Magazine March PC article.  Planning is underway for the Summer Festival on June 30th, 2024.  Magician booked, 17 stalls currently booked and banners have been ordered.  Cllr Milroy advised Summer Festival 2025 may be postponed due to Councillor elections.




24/020 – PLANNING

(g)   Applications

Schedule was circulated with Agenda (Appendix 6).

NW/21/01080/HSC Scott Bader – Re-classification of chemicals by H&S – awaiting decision.

NW/22/00684/FUL 89 Hinwick Road – application refused.

NW/24/00059/FUL – Wollaston School 3G synthetic pitch – WPC no objection.

NW/24/00001/FUL – 1-3 High Street – Awaiting decision, WPC requested that residents’ comments are taken into account.



Meeting of Wollaston Parish Council meeting to take place on Thursday 21st March 2024, 7pm, Oasis Building, High Street, Wollaston.


The Chair thanked Councillors for their attendance. The meeting was closed at 9pm.



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