Minutes WPC meeting, April 2024

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PRESENT:   Councillors Alvis (Chair), Boddington, Boycott, Carter, Goldsmith, Hodson, Jones, Milroy, Mitchell, Savage (Vice Chair), Talbutt, Threadgold and Mrs S. Grant (Clerk & RFO).

IN ATTENDANCE:  2 members of the public attended.


A member of public attended the meeting to raise the following concerns: 1) Scott Bader extension of danger zone and lack of warning system for the residents of Wollaston.  Scott Bader have been very engaging with the Parish Council and recently attended a meeting to address these concerns.  Cllr Hodson to chase Scott Bader Site Director for an update on the Siren system. 2) Traffic concerns – more speed restrictions and double yellow lines required – particularly in Newton Road.


A Santa Pod representative attended the meeting on the Councillors’ request.  Santa Pod have agreed to allocate a litter picking exercise over the season (one day each in May, Summer and September) after major events. Santa Pod have been working with the Safer Roads Team, deploying a police presence and mobile speed cameras which have been hugely successful. This will not be available for the Ultimate Streetcar event due to clashing with an event at Silverstone. The Santa Pod Main Gate facebook page can be used by residents as a reporting system for any antisocial behaviour resulting in offenders being turned away. Sat Nav systems continue to make diversions difficult (eg Hookhams Path) and past signage has been repeatedly vandalised.  Staggered entry to major events is a success.  Santa Pod was invited to send in a piece for the Wollaston Together Magazine.



Apologies were received from Cllr Alms (holiday).  Cllr Carr, Partridge-Underwood & Griffiths.  PCSO Donna Fenner.


24/034 – NORTH NORTHANTS COUNCIL – No report.



None relating to business on the agenda.




24/036 – MINUTES

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting from 21st March 2024 were agreed and signed as a true account.   Unanimously agreed, motion carried.



Report circulated with Agenda, appendix 1.

Clerk reported the update on the Greenway Cycle Path – Wellingborough to Wollaston is a priority identified through the NNG as funding is widely more available through the LCWIP area.  Lucy Hawes from NNC is heading up the project.


Clerk advised that a new printer needs to be purchased (£119.99 plus ink subscription) together with an upgrade/clean-up/extra memory installation

for the office PC & new printer set up (£160 plus VAT).  No issues.



Community Governance Review – review of electoral arrangements – in order to be part of the review, emails must be sent by 15th May 2024.  Cllr Boddington to respond and update the Parish Council accordingly.


Complaint received from a resident in Francis Dickens Close regarding the odour from Scott Baders.  This was answered swifty by the Site Director as a harmless steam value issue, which has been repaired.  The Site Director also advised that they had applied to demolish the old building on the Irchester Road fence line.  This is the start of investment and future proofing of the site and will remove the ugly derelict building from eye line.


The General Statement of Safety Policy, Filming, Audio Recording, Photography, Reporting of Council and Committee Meetings Policy and Email and use of the Internet Policies were reviewed and approved unanimously.


24/038 – FINANCES

Receipts circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for March 2024.  Proposed by Cllr Threadgold, Seconded by Cllr Mitchell.  Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


March 2024 – Receipts


Interest (95-day saver) * 607                                           £200.73

Interest   *823                                                                     £ 19.72

Interest (95-day saver) *581                                            £160.81

Interest *513 (annual)                                                      £2,529.01


Payments Circulated.  It was RESOLVED to approve payments for March 2024.   Proposed by Cllr Jones, Seconded by Cllr Talbutt.  Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


March 2024 (nett) – PC Payments


NPS Shoes Office rental & Internet £304.17
Tesco Mobile monthly mobile contract fee £15.99
Whitestar Systems Ltd Website monitoring and support £35.00
LV Pensions LV Pension S Grant WPC Contribution £66.16
Mrs Suzanne Grant Wages March 2024 £1,264.72
HMRC Employer NI employee NI Tax payment £186.06
Hayeswood Landscapes Village grass cut February £1,387.75
Peter Haddon & Partners LLP Professional Fees New Community Centre £2,625.00
NCALC Training P Boycott (OTAFS)  & S Grant (Audit) £81.00
Post Office Ltd Book of 8 1st class stamps £10.00
ME Electrical Fit & Supply Heaters at PF Clubhouse £514.88
North Northamptonshire Council PF wheelie/recycling bins empty 3 months 210.93
ACRE (Northamptonshire) Annual membership £35.00
NCALC Complaints Training S Grant £42.00
Midland Trees Ltd Storm / Wind Damaged Trees Playing Field £600.00
Wollaston Sports Association Balance of PC Contribution to PF Clubhouse £166.42
It was NOT RESOLVED to approve the End of Year Budget to 31 March 2024. Due to an error this is to be carried forward to May Parish Council Meeting.


24/039 – REPORTS


(a)   New Community Centre/preschool Update – An independent builder has advised that the preliminary costs for the underpinning are too high.  Further quotation required. The Parish Council are in discussion with Doc Martens about the possible use of their High Street car park for Village Hall overspill car parking. The project to go to pre app asap within next 4 weeks.  Funding update – £600K has been applied for via the NNC Levelling Up Fund, £20K application applied for from NNC Rural Grant.  £50K potentially from Doc Martens.  Plans have been amended for the repositioning of the emergency exit for Busy Bees due to Ofsted requirement.  Cllr Carter to meet with Busy Bees to discuss their future business model following the S106 meeting to meet the requirements for the £348K S106 monies.


(b)  Playing fields & Parks Management Committee (Draft Minutes appendix 5) No issues.             Environmental, Highways, Cemetery & Street Lights Update – The Environmental Team will be commencing maintenance jobs on May 4th (painting, staining, cleaning road signs etc). Street Dr/Fix My Street Report Report circulated (Appendix 6) a number of reports have now been fixed.

(c)   Footpaths Update – Cllr Alms has written letter for the Clerk to send regarding the opening of the gateway on Shepherds Hill onto private land which has been closed by the Farmer after 20 years of use as a public right of way. Response received 21/03/24 from Kexby Estates advising pathway will remain closed. A further letter has been sent and we await response.


(d)  Village Hall management Committee Update – (Draft Minutes appendix 7) Treasurer position to be advertised by the end of the month as current Treasurer is retiring in September, Clerk to continue to chase for job description.  It was noted that there is a crack in the corner wall of the Village Hall – Cllr Carter to investigate.



Clerk/ GC

(e)  Crime and Community Safety Update – PCSO Donna Fenner sent in a report advising that there had been 14 crimes in March.  Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Election due to be held on the 2nd May 2024.


(f)    Community Events Update – Cllr Talbutt to produce next Parish Council article for the Wollaston Together Magazine, deadline 20th May. Summer Festival Planning is ongoing, there are 20 stalls booked.  Clerk requested an update on the spending for Summer Festival to meet the £5K community funding criteria.


24/040 – PLANNING

(g)   Applications

Schedule was circulated with Agenda (Appendix 8).

NW/21/01080/HSC Scott Bader – Re-classification of chemicals by H&S – awaiting decision.

NW/24/00059/FUL – Wollaston School 3G synthetic pitch – WPC no objection.

NW/24/00096/FUL – 48 Irchester Road – Installation of air source heat pump – WPC No objection.

NW/24/00128/FUL – 70 York Road – rear extension.  WPC no objection.

NW/24/00147/FUL – 92 London Road – Demolition of existing dwelling & erection of two storey, 4 bed detached dwelling with double garage – WPC no objection.



Meeting of Wollaston Parish Council meeting to take place on Thursday 16th May 2024, 7pm, Oasis Building, High Street, Wollaston.


The Chair thanked Councillors for their attendance. The meeting was closed at 9pm.



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