Minutes Wollaston Parish Council meeting June 2022

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PRESENT: Councillors Messrs Alms, Alvis, Boddington, Carter, Goldsmith, Jones,
Mitchell, Savage and Threadgold, Councillor Mrs Milroy and Miss D. Styles (Clerk
& RFO).
IN ATTENDANCE: No members of the public.
No members of the public present.

No report was available.

Apologies were received from Cllrs Talbutt, Tew and Tyrrell for illness and previous engagement. Apologies also received Cllr Carr and PCSO Donna Fenner.


22/062 – MINUTES
The minutes of the Parish Council meeting which took place on 19 May 2022 were agreed and signed. Proposed by Cllr Milroy, Seconded by Cllr Mitchell, unanimously agreed, motion carried.

Cllr Mitchell proposed Planning be moved up the Agenda. Chair agreed.

22/063 – PLANNING
(a) Any other planning business
Hookhams Path Development – open spaces, LEAP, woodland
Plans had been provided by Bloor for open spaces, LEAP (locally equipped area of play), woodland, electric vehicle charging points, street lighting etc. Cllrs had the opportunity to look at them. Bloor confirmed during a meeting on 14 June with the PC planning working party, that their management company will be taking on the maintenance of the open spaces despite previous discussions there could be an option for the PC to do this. Residents will therefore have an annual charge to maintain the open spaces, LEAP and woodland. At the meeting councillors expressed their concerns as the PC takes on the responsibility of play areas and open spaces maintenance around the village which includes grass verges and larger areas owned by NNC. Discussions took place as to whether the PC should accept Bloor’s decision and relinquish responsibility for these areas or find an alternative solution so the PC maintains these areas. Cllrs comments included making residents aware of the charges, no money is available from Bloor to the PC through S106 monies to maintain the areas and the PC is entitled to have a representative on the management company. After discussion it was agreed the PC will have no option but to have a representative on the management company for Bloor to maintain the areas and Clerk will advise Bloor. The Parish Council has made it clear to North Northants Council planning it disagrees with the principle of green space within new developments in rural areas being offered to the developer to be maintained by a management company at residents’ expense. Cllr Milroy is concerned regarding the noise of a generator continuously making noise on the site all weekend. Clerk to ask whether generator can be switched off at weekends. Letter to be sent to residents regarding solution to the gap in the hedge behind the bench towards the bottom of Hookhams Path by Shepherds Hill to prevent cars and bikes accessing the site now and in the future.
(b) Applications
Schedule was circulated with Agenda, Appendix 4.
Proposed Recycling Centre, Doddington Rd NCC/20/00017/WASFUL, NNC – No update regarding EA concerns. In abeyance.
NW/21/010808/HSC Scott Bader – No update. H&S will inspect from July 2022 onwards due to lack of staff.
NW/22/00264/FUL, 5 Little Lane – Application permitted 09 June 2022.
NW/22/00271/FUL, 42 Hookhams Path – Application permitted 14 June 2022.
NW/22/00372/LBC 34 London Road – No objections. Awaiting decision.
NW/22/00374/FUL 89 Hinwick Road – PC concerns regarding removal of on-site parking. Clerk to contact planning to confirm no parking will be lost on site as per NHP Policy. Awaiting decision.
NW/22/00353/FUL London Road Solar Farm – Is PC entitled to Community Fund? Clerk to make enquiry.
NW/00377/CND – Land adjacent to 25 Hookhams Path – Discharged part Monday 13 June 2022.

Report circulated with Agenda, appendix 1.
Office space has not been located for the Clerk who had received quotes for storage space for office furniture and paperwork. HR will organise Clerk’s appraisal due in July. Clerk to look at storing questionnaires from the Neighbourhood Plan at Archives, Wootton Hall, Northampton. Invites for Manchester Bomber and Bim Memorial circulated. Confirmation from Highways that High Street closed 15/8 to 2/9 and Little Lane closed 5/9 to 23/9. Clerk to circulate on social media. Cllrs Messrs Savage and Carter will attend the local Parish Ward meeting on Thursday 30 June 2022. Clerk to confirm attendance to J-P.

22/065 – FINANCES
Receipts circulated, Appendix 2. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for May 2022. Proposed by Cllr Goldsmith, Seconded by Cllr Savage, unanimously agreed, motion carried.
May 2022 – Receipts
Wollaston Cricket Club, boiler & mower replacements 6520.34
Interest 0.59
Payments Circulated, Appendix 3 (see Agenda & appendices on website for power to spend). It was RESOLVED to approve payments for June 2022. It was confirmed to contact the grass contractors regarding weed spray as this had not taken in some parts of the village. Proposed by Cllr Threadgold, Seconded by Cllr Alms, unanimously agreed, motion carried.

June 2022 (nett) – PC Payments
EON tennis court floodlight energy 125.95
Staff costs, Pension, HMRC 1160.22
Office, mobile, website 360.30
Village Grass Cut, weedspray 1999.42
Playing Field strim, weedspray tennis courts 400.00
Day & Coles replacement tractor battery 70.00
Seagrave inspections, annual play equipment audit 360.00
Premiership Lawncare, cricket square 275.00
Purchases Pocket Park 4.80
NNC new contract wheelie bin and recycling bins 126.75

22/066 – REPORTS
(a) Playing Field & Parks Management Committee – The committee met on Tuesday. Cllr Savage was re-elected as Chair and Cllr Milroy was re-elected as Vice Chair. Standing Orders and Risk Assessment were reviewed and agreed, no amendments. No spends for May 2022. The annual inspections of the adult gym and play areas at the Playing Field and St Mary’s together with tennis courts took place. There are some points to resolve. Cllr Savage carried out the monthly inspection of the play equipment at The Pyghtles, no issues. The Pocket Park has had some maintenance carried out on one flower bed, thanks to Mr Thomson. Some of the vegetation to the back of the area is quite long and needs cutting back. Sports Assocation is going well and lots of youths signed up for cricket. Annual weed and feed required for Playing Field, Clerk to book. Looking at areas for proposed skate park. Wilby Tree Services will be carrying out the 3 yearly tree safety inspection of the PC trees. 2 x recycling bins have been made available to the clubhouse to cut down on general waste. Cllr Goldsmith asked whether a notice could be placed on the gate to over the brook between the fields to close the gate to prevent sheep escaping. Clerk to organise.
(b) Environmental, Highways & Street Lights – Cllrs Savage and Tew met Ben Wright from NNC Highways on 01 June 2022 to discuss poor highway conditions. Thermal patching will be completed. The railings to High Street/Cobbs Lane – a company has been found to make the bespoke railings and these should be fitted over the next few weeks. The 40mph speed restrictions should be started w/c 27 June 2022. Cllr Savage completed a street sign survey and will submit this to Street Dr. Cllr Threadgold has been redoing the black paint on street signs. There has been lots of disruption with Gigaclear laying ducts for fibre. Some of the double yellow lines have been repainted around the village. All street lights working.
(c) Street Dr – Update circulated. Some items fixed. Railings at High Street/Cobbs Lane to be chased up. Village heritage sign to be replaced at the Cradle after its refurb.
(d) Footpaths – Cllr Threadgold has cut back the vegetation at the Industrial Estate. Thanks to Cllr.
(e) Village Hall – No issues to report.
(f) Crime and Community Safety – 03 May shop lifting at Newton Road, 05 May broadband cable cut at Grendon, 15 May attempt to gain access to Wollaston School, 17 May number plate theft at Hinwick Road, 22 May items stolen from skip at Raymond Close. There have been some issues of items stolen and moved at the allotments. Police are now aware.
(g) Community Events – Thank you to Cllrs Boddington and Milroy and the Clerk for organising the Jubilee events. Only thing missing was the tea and coffee. Cllr Boddington reported the events had been very successful, thanks to all volunteers. Lots of community organisations received some much needed income from the events which will be used to put back into the community. The second edition of Wollaston Together magazine is out with paper copies in sites around the village and available online too. The outdoor Cinema performance of The Greatest Showman will take place on 28 August 2022. There have been lots of ideas from the community for future events, but volunteers are needed. Cllrs Jones, Goldsmith and Mitchell will provide an update on the building developments in the village for the Wollaston Together magazine and Cllr Carter will provide the PC update to include reflection on the Jubilee events.

Meeting of Wollaston Parish Council meeting Thursday 21 July 2022, 7pm, Oasis Building.

The Chair thanked Councillors for their attendance and closed the meeting at 8.50pm.

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