Minutes, Wollaston Parish Council meeting 17 February 2022

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PRESENT: Councillors Messrs Alms, Alvis (Chair), Goldsmith, Jones, Mitchell, Savage (Vice
Chair), Talbutt, Tew, Threadgold and Tyrrell, Councillor Mrs Milroy and Miss D.
Styles (Clerk & RFO).
IN ATTENDANCE: North Northamptonshire Councillors, Messrs Carr and Griffiths. One
member of the public.

The Chair opened the meeting for the member of the public who wanted to raise the subject of the sale of the Wollaston Inn and asked what the village could do. Residents are concerned they may lose the building which is of great heritage importance and the last remaining large public house in the village which is independent from members or parent companies. It was confirmed that there is a community interest group who wishes to bid for the property. The Parish Council will ensure it puts forward an interest if no other parties are interested. Any potential bids from community interest groups must apply in writing to register their interest by 08 March 2022. It is important the landmark remains a pub and is not sold to be converted.

Apologies were received from Cllr Carter, annual leave.


The minutes of the Parish Council meeting which took place on 20 January 2022 were agreed and signed. Proposed by Cllr Tew, Seconded by Cllr Alms, unanimously agreed, motion carried.

Cllr Carr reported the local Ward Council meeting had gone well. There was lots of opportunity for local issues to be discussed as opposed to a large virtual meeting with all of the Parish and Town Councils in the North Northants area. Fix My Street/Street Dr had been one of the main issues discussed at the local Ward meeting with the amount of time it takes for issues to be resolved and reporting issues. Guy Holloway will be contacted to request some planning training by NNC starting with the basics.
It was noted by Cllrs that there are concerns regarding conduct at regional planning committees particularly with regard to parking beat surveys, the Lambeth Policy, and officers making themselves available for site visits requested by the Parish Council and that Neighbourhood Policies and local views and knowledge were being ignored. It was agreed a letter will be drafted to send to the Officer in charge of planning.
Cllr Carr confirmed Ben Wright and Ian Boyes from NNC Highways will be visiting local ward villages on 17 March 2022 and councillors are invited to join.
Cllr Griffiths confirmed NNC budget consultation had been completed and the budget setting meeting will shortly be taking place. An explanatory leaflet will be sent out to residents in NNC with the new Council Tax charges and a consultation will take place regarding garden waste charges. It was noted by the PC that there had been a 23% increase in Council Tax over the last 4 years even though services had decreased.
It was also noted that Bedfordshire Council appear to remove fly tipping more quickly than Norse do on the boundary line between Beds and Northants. There is still dumped fly tipping waste on the verge of Irchester Road.
Cllrs Messrs Carr and Griffiths were thanked for their time and attendance.

Report circulated with Agenda, appendix 1.
Cllr Alms confirmed he would be available to attend a zoom meeting with Gigaclear and would email the Clerk to confirm a day and time. Highways have advised that College Street will be closed between 07 and 09 March 2022 to allow Anglian Water new water connection to take place. Clerk will put an alert on social media shortly. Resident in Prospect Close had contacted the office to advise they can no longer maintain the grass verge outside their property. Clerk confirmed to the resident that the grass verges belong to NNC though they are maintained by residents.
The Financial & Management Risk Assessment was reviewed and it was noted an additional paragraph for the new Events Committee had been added on the last page. The document was approved, subject to Clerk amending Borough Council to Unitary Council in line 1, page 1 under Income – Precept.
The Internal Controls had been updated to reflect the finances are input into the new EDGE IT software. The document was unanimously approved.

Receipts circulated, Appendix 2. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for January 2022. Proposed by Cllr Tew, Seconded by Cllr Savage, unanimously agreed, motion carried.

January 2022 – Receipts
Interest 0.46
Insurance Reclaim Clubhouse 12384.72
Insurance Reclaim Tractor 1218.43
Wollaston Together advertisement 212.00
It was noted the Clerk will nett off the insurance reclaims against payments made by the PC for the damage and the Wollaston Together advertising monies will be transferred over to the new Events Committee bank account which has now been opened.
Payments Circulated, Appendix 3. It was RESOLVED to approve payments for February 2022 except for the NNC Election costs for the local contested election in May 2021. Put to a vote 10 Cllrs for and 1 Cllr against – to defer payment of the election invoice while the Clerk contacts the Returning Officer regarding the break-down of costs. Rest of payments approved, Clerk’s wages to be processed with Cllr Tyrrell next week. Proposed by Cllr Goldsmith, Seconded by Cllr Tew, unanimously agreed, motion carried.
February 2022 (nett) – Payments
Staff costs, Pension, HMRC 1021.40
Office, stationery, mobile, website, post 351.55
Village Grass Cut, London Road cut back 1704.42
PF wheelie bin empty, key cutting 39.80
EON PC Street light maintenance 55.11
Wicksteed Leisure, engineer visit PF 180.00

(a) Applications
Schedule was circulated with Agenda, Appendix 4.
Proposed Recycling Centre, Doddington Rd NCC/20/00017/WASFUL, NNC – The proposal does not meet with Environment Agency standards. Letters of objection were sent and we await EA update.
NW/21/00838/FUL 16 Francis Dickins Close – Application refused. Refusal appealed.
NW/21/00957/LDP 20 Roses Close – Lawful Development Certificate permitted 04 February 2022.
NW/21/01055/FUL 1-3 High Street – Cllr and Ward Cllr attended Planning Committee meeting 16 February 2022. Despite objections regarding the parking beat survey, the application was permitted.
NW/21/010808/HSC Scott Bader – H&S initially responded, applicant asked to extend to 30 April 2022.
NW/12/01093/FUL, 51 Priory Road – Application permitted 09 February 2022.
NW/12/01050/VAR 1 Little Lane – No objection, await decision.
NW/22/00060/FUL 19 Priory Road – No objection, Awaiting decision.
16 Francis Dickins – No objection, Awaiting decision.
(b) Any other Planning Business
Hookhams Path, WP/20/00314/FUL – Still await the S106 Agreement to be signed, issues regarding field access.
NW/21/00830/FUL 10 Howard Road – Deferred. A new parking beat survey is required that provides weekend parking data. Written submissions can be entered. Ward Cllr can speak on behalf of the PC at the next Planning Committee meeting. A 1 hour waiting sign will be discussed with Highways at their visit in March.
81 High Street – bollards – To be discussed with Highways at their visit in March.
Levelling Up Fund – Proposals were put forward to fit the criteria and it was agreed to include the cycle route from Wollaston to Irchester and the Community Centre and Preschool. The consultation closes on 20 February 2022. Clerk to apply.
Cllrs Messrs Carr and Griffiths took their leave of the meeting.

(a) Playing Field and Parks Management Committee – Draft minutes from the meeting were circulated, Appendix 5. The recent storage area break in was discussed. The insurance claim has been submitted and the Committee are looking at security.
(b) Environment, Highways and Cemetery – Cllr Tew confirmed the working party will meet on 01 March 2022. The PC has received the Notice of Intention regarding proposed safety strategies for the A509 at the Cobbs Lane roundabout area. PC has not been advised of the date the works will commence.
Asset Mapping Project – Cllrs Messrs Jones and Tew and the Clerk attended the virtual meeting explaining the concept. Assets will be plotted on Parish Online together with services and Assets of Community Value. Proposals can be put forward for new Assets of Community Value. Each Parish and Town Councils’ assets and services will be mapped for clarity and future devolution. Councillors will check the assets in their areas.
(c) Street Lights – Unit Close street lights are all working now. No other street lights are out.
Street Dr – Appendix 6 circulated – The Bell End sign has been replaced. Hookhams Path has not been done. Await damaged railings replacement at the top of Cobbs Lane from manufacturer. The slab in Church Lane is now missing.
(d) Footpaths – Cllr Alms confirmed he had been in communication with Kier regarding the green lane at the top of Shepherds Hill and reported the restriction had finished and normal Winter restrictions now apply in that it is closed to 4×4 vehicles. It was noted the gate was not unlocked due to time and resource issues by Kier.
(e) Community Crime and Safety – Cllr Milroy confirmed she had spoken with our local PCSO regarding the break in and theft at the Playing Field storage containers. Discussions will now take place with Northants Police Crime Prevention and the PF Committee regarding security. There were 14 crimes reported from 08 January – 14 February 2022 including 2 business burglaries, 3 thefts, 2 vehicle crimes, 1 cyber crime, assault and harassment. Cllr Goldsmith confirmed he had attended Cyber Crime virtual meeting via ACRE. Cllr Goldsmith will share the information received, Clerk will circulate to councillors for information.
(f) Village Hall – Draft minutes circulated in Appendix 7 – Cllr Goldsmith confirmed the Chair of the Preschool has agreed to continue. Clarification is needed regarding any proposed sale of the site.
(g) Events Committee and Youth – Cllr Boddington confirmed there had been a good take up of space in the Wollaston Together magazine with the magazine full. It will be out on 21 March 2022 and placed in key locations such as the churches, shops, library and paper copies sent to the elderly and vulnerable, otherwise available online and on the website. A huge thank you to Medigold for the donation of the ICT system. The Jubilee event is coming together with discussions taking place on how to light the Beacon for Thursday 02 June. The Picnic in the Park main event on Sunday 05 June is coming together with a stage, some acts and the clubhouse bar open. Wollaston School has agreed to hold the outdoor cinema in August. The Village of the Year entrance has been submitted, with a visit in Spring.

Wollaston Parish Council meeting Thursday 17 March 2022, 7pm, Oasis Building.

The Chair thanked Councillors for their attendance and closed the meeting at 8.55pm.

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