Minutes WPC meeting, September 2023

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PRESENT: Councillors Messrs Alvis, Goldsmith, Milroy, Mitchell, Savage, Talbutt and Mrs S. Grant (Clerk & RFO). Cllr. J-P Carr
IN ATTENDANCE: One member of the public





Apologies were received from Cllr Alms, Boddington, Carter, Hodson, Jones, & Threadgold.


Cllr JP Carr reported the following items from the Leader’s Update:
Two consultations on Greenway Strategy and our new Sustainable Travel to Education Strategy 2023. Clerk to complete highlighting repeated request for Cycle route between Wollaston and Irchester.
Household Support funds available including free school meals/vouchers for children in the holidays. Wollaston representative aware and actioning. Community Grants up to £5000 are now available. The Scheme is open to Parish Councils. Clerk to investigate. Deadline 2nd October.


None relating to business on the agenda.

23/081 – MINUTES

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting from 20 July 2023 & the minutes of the Extraordinary Finance meeting from August 17th were agreed and signed as a true account. Proposed by Cllr Goldsmith, Seconded by Cllr Talbutt. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


Report circulated with Agenda, appendix 1.
Meeting required for Remembrance Day Service 12/11/23 Clerk to arrange.
To consider taking part in the D-Day 80 Commemorations on 6th June 2024 – Cllr Milroy confirmed that the Events Committee will be organising this event. Training Update – Clerk has attended New Clerk course on 9th & 16th September.





VAT training course booked for 28/09/23 to help resolve current VAT issues.
New website is going live on 9th October (training to follow) Clerk to request a new biography from all Councillors and photographs if required. Clerk to push
Cllr Savage, Alvis and the Clerk attended the Kier drop-in session at the library this week. This event was a success with good attendance from residents. A number of items on the St Dr report will hopefully be resolved asap.

Suggestion of a similar drop-in clinic for quarterly Parish Council sessions at the Library. Clerk to arrange.

A big Thank You to Cllr’s Savage Jones, Threadgold & Talbutt for their hard work painting the railings in Church Street and the High Street. Clerk to publish Thank You on social media.

23/083 – FINANCES
Receipts circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for July 2023. Proposed by Cllr Talbutt. Seconded by Cllr Savage. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.

July 2023 – Receipts

Interest 104.49

Receipts circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for August 2023. Proposed by Cllr Mitchell. Seconded by Cllr Goldsmith. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.

August 2023 – Receipts

Wollaston SA % Contribution for insurance Zurich loss adjust Jan 22 break-in
Transfer from daily banking for % rate purposes

108.74 410.10

19165.32 3359.19

Payments Circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve payments for August 2023. Proposed by Cllr Mitchell. Seconded by Cllr Goldsmith. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.

August 2023 (nett) – PC Payments

Office/phone/website/stationery/emails/training – LGA ’72 s112 Staff/HMRC/pension – LGA 1972 s133
Village Grass cut & Weed – OS Act 1906 ss 9&10
PF Tractor Service/Repair to mower – OS Act 1906 ss 9&10 Maintenance/Litter equip OS Act 1906 ss10

EDF Energy PF Floodlights OS Act 1906 ss10 Transfer to Lloyds Business Acc for % purposes

S137 Events Grant

685.97 1378.49 1657.75 176.19

50.00 7.75

3359.19 750.00

Clerk/ Cllrs

Clerk Clerk


Payments Circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve payments for September 2023. Proposed by Cllr Mitchell. Seconded by Cllr Goldsmith. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.

September 2023 (nett) – PC Payments

Office/phone/website/stationery/emails/training – LGA ’72 s112 Staff/HMRC/pension – LGA 1972 s133
Village Grass cut & Weed – OS Act 1906 ss 9&10
Annual Play Equipment Audit (Pyghtles) S106 Maintenance/Litter equip OS Act 1906 ss10

Busy Bees Annual Day Grant S137
PF Wheelie/recycle Bins empty 3 months OS Act 1906 SS9&10 Insurance payment to CC for Break-in 2022

964.68 1528.66

2232.75 180.00

178.43 1000.00

210.93 12219.92

23/084 – Resignation of Cllr Graham Jackson – Co-option deadline is 13/10/23. To be discussed at next meeting when applications are closed.

23/085 – Update from Scott Bader Emergency/Incident Meeting 21/09/23 –

Scott Bader Wollaston Emergency Incident Update
A meeting has been held between Wollaston Parish Council and the UK SHE Manager at Scott Bader following the concerns with the recent incident at Scott Bader on Sunday 3rd September 2023.
It has been confirmed that this incident presented no risk to the residents of Wollaston and was contained locally within the operational site. There was no risk to human health nor was there an impact to the local environment. The regulators were informed of the nature of the incident as a courtesy measure and an investigation is being undertaken at Scott Bader. Scott Bader remains a lower tier chemical site and does not present a foreseeable risk to the local community.
Fire & Rescue Service procedures are being investigated to ensure that all communication to local residents is relevant and taken with care and consideration. Every effort is being made by the Parish Council to ensure that the Fire and Rescue Service review their site risk plan, and this is currently ongoing. Obviously, any major incidents with threat to health to Wollaston residents will be dealt with by Scott Bader working with the emergency services using a Siren/Tanoy system to ensure all residents affected are alerted.
Going forward Scott Bader and Wollaston Parish Council will now be working together closely to ensure that communication and updates for the residents of Wollaston is sent out on a regular basis.
A site visit to Scott Baders for interested Cllrs to be arranged for early 2024.

23/086 – REPORTS

(a) Playing Field & Parks Management Committee Update – draft minutes circulated (Appendix 7). No issues. Still awaiting new toddler swings. Big congratulations to all three Cricket Teams for a successful season – 1st team


avoided relegation and remained in the Premier league. Both 2nd and 3rd

teams were promoted.

  1. (b)  Environmental, Highways, Cemetery & Street Lights Update – No issues.
  2. (c)  StreetDr/FixMyStreetReport–Reportcirculated(Appendix8)–CllrSavageto re-report pot hole in High Street. Recent repairs on pot holes have been

    better with thermal patching.

  3. (d)  Footpaths Update – Cllr Goldsmith reported that there are issues with offlead dogs harassing the sheep in the sheep field – Cllr Goldsmith to erect Plastic warning signs. Grass cutting – meeting required before the December Budget as we are expanding our needs. Clerk to arrange. Cllr Milroy to provide a list of potential “no mow” areas for wildlife and Clerk to add to October agenda to resolve.
  4. (e)  Village Hall Update – draft minutes circulated (Appendix 9). No issues, although income is down due to less usage. Clerk to confirm Insurance Premium amounts with VH Treasurer as they look wrong.
  5. (f)  Crime and Community Safety Update – 20 crimes reported for July and 11 for August. Cllr Milroy to pass 101 website change to Clerk for distribution on social media.
  6. (g)  Community Events Update – Cllr Milroy reported Christmas Fayre is booked for November 26th & Summer Festival for 30th June 2024. Currently looking at a Festival of Light & a Soap Box Derby. Wollaston Together Magazine has been published. Rota agreed for the next year (December Cllr Mitchell, Spring Cllr Goldsmith, Summer Cllr Talbutt & Autumn Cllr Savage). Bozeat Magazine has folded, and they have approached Wollaston EC to potentially incorporate Bozeat. Cllr Milroy reported that funding in other towns for Events was directly from the Parish Council. To be highlighted at Budget meeting.
  7. (h)  Community Centre and Preschool update – Cllr Goldsmith reported that there is to be a zoom meeting on 26/09/23 with the Duchy to explore the option of using the land on Hookhams Path Development (3/4 acre). Then report back to Bloor for an immediate decision.

23/087 – PLANNING (i) Applications

Schedule was circulated with Agenda (Appendix 10).
NW/21/010808/HSC Scott Bader – Inspection has started. Awaiting decision. NW/22/00684/FUL 89 Hinwick Road – Still awaiting decision. PC no objection NW/23/00428/AMD 6 Roses Close – increase in roof level and addition of roof light. PC no objection. Application permitted 13.09.23.
NW/23/00438/FUL 32 St Marys Road – Rear partial two storey extension. PC no objection. Applicated permitted 13.09.23.
NW/23/00447/LBC 28 London Road – Listed building consent to replace existing front door. PC no objection. Applicated permitted 20.09.23.
NW/23/00647/TPO 1 Little Lane – Works to tree fell to ground level and replace. PC no objection. Awaiting decision.


Clerk MM


MM/ Clerk



Meeting of Wollaston Parish Council meeting to take place on Thursday 19th October 2023, 7pm, Oasis Building, High Street, Wollaston.

The Chair thanked Councillors for their attendance. The meeting was closed at 8.55pm.

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