Minutes WPC meeting, February 2023

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PRESENT: Councillors Messrs Alms, Alvis, Carter, Jones, Mitchell, Savage, Talbutt, Threadgold, Mrs Milroy and Miss D. Styles (Clerk & RFO). Councillors Messrs Boddington and Goldsmith joined the meeting at 7.45pm.
IN ATTENDANCE: No members of the public.



No members of the public attended.


No report available.


Apologies were received from Cllrs Messrs Carr, Griffiths and Partridge-Underwood due to previous commitments and PCSO Donna Fenner who is attending training.


None relating to business on the Agenda.

23/015 – MINUTES

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting from 19 January 2023 were not agreed. Cllr Milroy asked for a correction of crime report to refer to one third of Police calls relate to domestic residences. Proposed by Cllr Milroy, Seconded by Cllr Alms. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.


Report circulated with Agenda, appendix 1. Additional items included complaints from residents at top of Hookhams Path regarding parking on grass verges. School will remind parents not to park here and NNC Highways will place a notice to the top of the road. Awaiting a response from Great Well Homes regarding the Lime tree at Hinwick Road. A useful contacts list has been produced and Clerk will place these on the notice boards and social media to assist residents. From the previous minutes, Clerk has contact NNC Highways regarding the parking bay outside the Co-op being made a time restricted area. Cllrs Alms suggested a councillors’ surgery in the village to assist with co-option and promote the business of the Parish Council. Clerk will check with library and PCSO whether a councillor can sit in on Saturday 23 March. Co-option packs to be distributed next week.

The Financial and Management Risk Assessment was reviewed and approved. It



Clerk/ LA


was noted the wall at the parking bay in Hinwick Road has been part repaired. The Heritage Society and PC had discussed Assets of Community Value and looked at Nags Head (applied for renewal), The Hill (applied for) and a suggestion of The Yard (to be applied for by Clerk). Cllr Goldsmith will be attending the North Northants Place Development Event regarding communities and well-being on Tuesday 21 February at Kettering Conference Centre as a Councillor and Consultant Occupational Physician. PC obtaining residents’ priorities in the community via social media and box in the library, Clerk to check.

It was RESOLVED to purchase 2 x free standing notice boards, 1 x wall mounted notice board, budget up to £2,000 to reach and include more of the community regarding notices. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.

23/017 – FINANCES
Receipts circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for January 2023. Proposed by Cllr Savage. Seconded by Cllr Threadgold. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.
January 2023 – Receipts
Wollaston Cricket Club, irrigation deposit
Interest from Cambridge Account

The Cambridge account has been closed and the PC has received the amount of 31,018.64.

Payments Circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve payments for January 2023. Proposed by Cllr Talbutt. Seconded by Cllr Carter. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.
February 2023 (nett) – PC Payments

25.46 1594.00 103.00

Floodlights, tennis courts – Open Spaces Act 1906 ss 10 Office/phone/website/stationery/emails/training – LGA ’72 s112 Staff/HMRC/pension – LGA 1972 s133
Village Grass cut – OS Act 1906 ss 9&10

Millennium tree flail damage repairs Sanitary bins at VH – LGA 1972 s214 St. Marys basket swing repairs

20.46 482.64 1168.32

1304.42 330.00 267.54


Discussion regarding Millennium trees, to approach person responsible for flail damage contribution. Clerk and Cllr Alms to draft letter and send after possible Duchy response regarding land mid March.

Previous query regarding earmarked monies on budget to end December 2022. Architects plans new building 3537.88, Architects plans VH existing site 487.50, Parish Online annual fee 160, CC decorating payment from insurance reclaim 4,635 for clubhouse from flood. Total 8,830.38. Proposed by Cllr Goldsmith. Seconded by Cllr Talbutt. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.

Clerk MG

Clerk Clerk

Clerk/ JA


Cllr Alms had received an email confirming that at best estimate, no penalty payment will be required from the PC for exiting the previous LGPS.
23/018 – PLANNING

(a) Applications

Schedule was circulated with Agenda. Cllr Jones updated:
Proposed Recycling Centre, Doddington Rd NCC/20/00017/WASFUL, NNC – NNC recommending application is refused. No update yet.
NW/21/010808/HSC Scott Bader – No update. HSE, no holding letter, planning confirmed could take up to 2 years due to limited no of specialists. NW/22/00684/FUL 89 Hinwick Road – Still awaiting decision.
NW/22/00896/FUL 81 High Street – Awaiting Decision.

Community Centre and Preschool update – A response from the Duchy regarding rotation of the building on the proposed plan should be received in March as the new person takes up their post on 22 February 2023.
The proposed resolution to spend £1,500 on new plans to rotate the new building was not agreed. The tenant farmer had been approached and has no objection to the position of the new building provided he can still keep the existing entrance already available to him off Irchester Road and ultimate the decision lies with the Duchy.

Summers Grange/Hookhams Path – The site had been busy. There has been mud on the highway from the lorries leaving the site and this was reported to Bloor. The lights are now working at the build outs, await widening of footpath. Clerk to request update from Bloor. No response from Highways regarding traffic audit. Clerk to continue asking.

23/019 – REPORTS
(a) Community Events Update – Coronation plans are being put in place.

Sunday is for street parties and residents can apply for road closures. Monday is the ‘Big Help Out’ and local community groups will be opening to advertise for more volunteers. A village litter pick is proposed. The Wollaston Together magazine is full and due out on 20 March 2023. The Summer Event is coming together, awaiting quote for sound, Scouts will be doing burger and teas/coffee, the clubhouse will be open along with the bar. EC to discuss with Mr Silsby regarding profit split. Food vans will also be available. The cinema night at the Village Hall went well with donations of £74 received. Propose to continue these as easy to organise.

(b) Crime and Community Update – PCSO had forwarded a crime report with 25 crimes reported for January 2023 which is up from December 2022. These can be pulled up on Police.co.uk, Wellingborough Rural and add postcode.

(c) Environmental, Highways, Cemetery & Street Lights Update – Cllr Savage reported the Committee had met recently to plan jobs, Spring/Summer/Autumn litter pick and painting. The new railings at Cobbs Lane/High Street need painting and some of the letters on the street signs. Leaves will be cleared with the leaf blower recently purchased. The wall at the parking bay in the centre has been recemented, but the end bricks are


still loose. The matter is now being looked at internally by NNC Highways after reporting it again on St Dr/Fix My Street. Fly tipping has been reported on green lanes. The Cemetery is tidier with 2 people on the work team now. All street lighting is working.

(d) Street Dr/Fix My Street Report – Report circulated. The PC are pushing NNC Highways to expedite patching of the pot holes on London Road between the Playing Field and the Strixton turning.

(e) Footpaths Update – Cllr Alms had previously had a virtual meeting where Cllr Smithers had attended (before becoming leader of NNC) and suggested a petition to close the green lane. Cllr Alms has now organised an online petition to close the green lane to all vehicles with only cyclists and farmers machinery being allowed. An exception could be military vehicles or vintage tractors at their annual parade. A ‘permanently closed to vehicles’ notice is what is wanted. It was noted Bedfordshire Council had closed many green lanes. Notices will be placed up to inform residents to keep their dogs on leads in the sheep field where footpath TV7 runs as there are pregnant ewes in the field.

(f) Playing Field & Parks Management Committee Update – Draft minutes circulated. Cllr Boddington reported Wollaston School are happy to speak with representatives from the Cricket Club regarding space for training at the school. Cllr Boddington will email details to Cllr Jones.

(g) Village Hall Update – Draft minutes circulated. Cllr Goldsmith reported the caretaker/cleaner has resigned and interviews would take place to find a replacement by 27 February 2023.


Wollaston Parish Council meeting to take place on Thursday 16 March 2023, 7pm, Oasis Building, High Street, Wollaston.

The Chair thanked Councillors for their attendance. The meeting was closed at 08.45pm.

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