Minutes of the Parish Council meeting, November 2022

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PRESENT: Councillors Messrs Alms, Alvis, Carter, Goldsmith, Jones, Mitchell, Savage, Talbutt, Threadgold and Tyrrell, Mrs Milroy and Miss D. Styles (Clerk & RFO).
IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr Mr Jon-Paul Carr.

No members of the public present.

Cllr Carr reported that North Northants Council are providing grant funding for warm spaces and Clerk confirmed she had circulated the NNC email request to local organisations with St Marys Church confirming they are providing a warm space. The local parish ward meeting takes place on Tuesday 29 November at 7.30pm Easton Maudit, LA attending. Highways Mr Boyes and Mr Wright visiting villages on Wednesday 07 December looking at issues. Cllr Carr asked whether Highways Enhancement Team had visited and clerk confirmed line marking had taken place a few months ago. Queries from cllrs included numbers attending Irchester Primary School and ABC Preschool, how many people will the Farndish Road housing generate and the Irchester Road tree cut back. Cllr Carr confirmed the local Conservative Association had put forward amendment to the Boundary Commission consultation.

Apologies were received from Cllrs Boddington and Tew due to illness. Apologies also received Cllrs Messrs Griffiths, Partridge-Underwood and PCSO Donna Fenner.


22/093 – MINUTES
Minutes of the Parish Council meeting from 20 October 2022 were agreed and signed. Proposed by Cllr Goldsmith, Seconded by Cllr Mitchell. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.

Report circulated with Agenda, appendix 1. The Remembrance Parade and Service was well attended with no safety issues on the Highway. ACRE have a Parish Council Networking Event on Monday 28 November at 10.30am online, focus is Cost of Living Support.
Policies – The Training Policy and Vexatious, Abusive or Discriminatory Communications Policies were reviewed, approved and signed. The Tree Management Policy from last month now included the Pocket Park and was signed.

22/095 – FINANCES
Receipts circulated. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for October 2022. Proposed by Cllr Threadgold. Seconded by Cllr Mitchell. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.
October 2022 – Receipts
Interest 3.57
Refund previous office hire 388.60

Payments Circulated (power to spend on appendices located in Agenda on website). It was RESOLVED to approve payments for November 2022. Proposed by Cllr Alms. Seconded by Cllr Savage. Unanimously agreed, motion carried.
November 2022 (nett) – PC Payments
Staff costs, Pension, HMRC 1764.78
Office, mobile, website 250.42
Village Grass Cut & allotment cut 1504.42
Repairs at St Marys play area and PF 400.00
War Memorial Clean and Poppy Wreath 115.00
Architects Plans – New build and existing site 4035.38
Cricket Club contribution, maintaining PF 500.00
PF and Pocket Park, basketball nets, key cut, Hawthornes 153.55
2 x lamp post clamps for bin 18.33
It was confirmed the Parish Council’s budget meeting to prepare the draft budget for 2023/2024 to apply for the precept will take place Thursday 08 December 2022 at 7pm in the Oasis Building, Wollaston.

22/096 – PLANNING
(a) Applications
Schedule was circulated with Agenda. Cllr Jones updated:
Proposed Recycling Centre, Doddington Rd NCC/20/00017/WASFUL, NNC – NNC recommending application is refused.
NW/21/010808/HSC Scott Bader – No update. HSE, no holding letter, planning confirmed could take up to 2 years due to limited no of specialists.
NW/22/00463/LBC & NW/22/00462/FUL 1 Church Lane – Applications Permitted 18 October 2022.
NW/22/0061/FUL 81 High Street – Application withdrawn 21 October 2022.
NW/22/00684/FUL 89 Hinwick Road – Awaiting decision.
NW/22/00707/FUL 59 Priory Road – PC no objections. Awaiting decision.
NW/22/00691/LDP Wollaston Hall – part of HSE. Awaiting decision.
NW/22/00794/CND Land Adj 25 Hookhams Path – Approval of community woodland – PC unable to influence plan, the Management Company is Trinity, Felicity Webber to comment. New build committee to meet Bloor (Highways to accept) to discuss build out issues on Hookhams Path and street name presentations on 12 December 2022 at 3pm.
(b) Any other planning business
Community Centre and Preschool update – final plans have been reviewed by the VH committee, one issue of safe area for children to meet and get changed for current hirer. PC to meet with NNC regarding the freehold of the land. If NNC are to retain the freehold, the PC requires a 999 year lease paying a peppercorn rent NOT ground rent. PC will require NNC to carry out searches. PC to meet with early years to ensure new build meets OFSTED requirements. Contact at Duchy to sign off position of the new build has left, new person not in place until the New Year. Lack of availability for meetings are causing delays to the project. Dr Martens have confirmed a donation towards the project of £50,000 once planning permission is given and builders agreement signed.
Presentations, Summers Grange – It was agreed a presentation ceremony should take place to unveil the street names with relatives, Mrs Hollowell and Mrs Sumner invited, once the development is complete.
Cllr Carr left the meeting at this point – 8.05pm.

22/097 – REPORTS
(a) Community Events Update – The Christmas Fair takes place on Sunday 11 December at the Village Hall and The Courtyard site from midday to 4pm. All the indoor stalls are sold with a few still available outside. There will be a Santa’s Grotto, small children’s rides, Christmas tree, Wollaston singers and a Band. A street closure is in place from 10am to 5pm. Wollaston Together magazine release is 05 December. Film title is being sought for the January cinema show in the VH. The Summer Fair park event is proposed for Sunday 25 June 2023 at the PF.
(b) Crime and Community Update – There were 17 crimes in October being 4 x shoplifting, 5 x harassment, 1 x attempted burglary, 1 x theft from motor vehicle, 2 x assault, 2 x criminal damage, 1 x stalking and 1 x other theft. These represent lower crime figures for October than Earls Barton and Irchester. The library is holding a Police Surgery on Saturday 10 December 10am to midday, anyone welcome.
(c) Village Hall Update – Draft minutes circulated. AGM is 06 December 2022.
(d) Footpaths – Beds CC cleared the fly tipping on their side quickly. NNC have changed the way fly tipping is reported as ‘What 3 Words’ are used to identify the site. Cllr Milroy has reported more rubbish that has been left outside the gate on Hinwick Road and there are cars being parked in front of the gate blocking the pedestrian and horse entrance. The surveillance grant could be used to place a sign at the site and mount a small CCTV camera. Clerk to investigate. The gates are still being left open. A complaint was made to Kier as the padlock was insufficient for the gate, padlock with concealed lock required.
(e) Street Dr Report – List circulated which is shortening as many jobs completed. The railings on Cobbs Lane/High Street have still not been replaced. This long-standing issue will be looked at with Highways visit on 07 December. Cllr Savage also has a number of other issues to discuss with Highways.
(f) Environmental, Highways, Cemetery, Street Lights – Leaves were cleared from the footpath and Cemetery entrance for the Remembrance Day Parade and Service. The hedges have been cut at the Cemetery and the War Memorial had its annual clean. The Millennium tree works to tidy up the flail damage have been booked with the cost at £330.
A new street light has been put in on Hookhams Path but is yet to be lit.
(g) Playing Field & Parks Management Committee Update – The draft minutes had been circulated. There had been discussions as to ownership of the field which had in fact been conveyed to the PC. The Sports Association has a lease for the clubhouse which expires on 01 March 2033. There are issues trying to get space for the proposed skate park and although a space has been identified to the rear of the tennis courts, there is a reluctance from the sports teams. There is a concern that despite 3,566 people in the village according to the latest Census, 1,800 of which are female, there is no representation at the PF. More different sport and events are required. A query was raised as to how many Wollaston residents actually play sport at the field as the PC provides a budget to the PF which comes from the Wollaston precept collected from Wollaston residents. The Sports Association and Cricket Club currently maintain the pitches to a high standard. It was agreed the matter would be taken back to the PF committee to be discussed at the next meeting, the advice of the Police would be sought at to safety and security and the MUGA refurbishment from the S106 monies should take place the same time as the skate park installation, if it is the agreed site.

The meeting was then closed to members of the public and the press to discuss and it was RESOLVED the pay scale and grade for Clerk’s pay and backdated pay, would take effect from November 2022 in accordance with National Joint Council figures.

Budget meeting 08 December 2022, 7pm, Oasis Building.
Meeting of Wollaston Parish Council meeting Thursday 15 December 2022, 7pm, Oasis Building.

The Chair thanked Councillors for their attendance and thanked Mr Tyrrell for his time as a councillor at the Parish Council. Mr Tyrrell’s resignation letter has been received by the Chair. The meeting was closed at 9.15pm.

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