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PRESENT: Councillors Messrs Alvis, Boddington, Carter, Goldsmith, Jones,
Mitchell, Savage, Talbutt, Tew, Threadgold and Tyrrell, Councillor Mrs Milroy
and Miss D. Styles (Clerk & RFO).
IN ATTENDANCE: One member of the public.
Cllr Mitchell proposed Cllr Alvis as Chair. Cllr Goldsmith Seconded the proposal, agreed unanimously, motion carried. Declaration of Acceptance of Office signed.

Cllr Tew proposed Cllr Savage as Vice Chair. Cllr Tyrrell Seconded the proposal, agreed unanimously, motion carried.

The member of the public was concerned about the existing village hall site being demolished and the proposed new centre not being large enough to accommodate everyone and was of the view the village is big enough to support both sites. Cllrs reported that nothing had been agreed yet and all options were being looked at and the PC would need to look at the viability of running 2 sites and confirmed the new site would be 2.5 to 3 times the size of the existing site. Cllrs confirmed the community would be advised via an update and would be involved once plans had been drawn up and costs looked at. The member of the public left at the close of the open meeting.

No report was available.

Apologies were received from Cllr Alms for annual leave, agreed, and received from Cllr Carr and PCSO Donna Fenner.


22/050 – MINUTES
The minutes of the Parish Council meeting which took place on 21 April 2022 were agreed and signed. Proposed by Cllr Tew, Seconded by Cllr Jones, unanimously agreed, motion carried.
Report circulated with Agenda, appendix 1.
Cllr Jones had attended a workshop regarding NNC’s Strategic Plan Scope and Issues and it was agreed Cllrs Alvis and Jones would attend Clerk’s office on Friday 20 May at 11am to complete the Consultation relating to this as the deadline is 23 May 2022. Thank you to Cllr Jones for attending the workshop. Clerk advised the PC had been notified Oxford Innovation had been served notice by Scott Bader to vacate the Bryson Building by 30 September as the site is being re-purposed. Since opening in 2011 some 74 local SME and Start Up Businesses have been in the centre, many using the village’s facilities. Cllr Alvis had attended the Patient Participation Group’s online event and would ensure Cllr Milroy knew of the next meeting. Membership Certificate received from CPRE. Clerk advised office will be closed from 07 to 10 June for annual leave, which means overall it will be closed from Jubilee Bank Holiday Thursday 02 June and reopen on Tues 14 June 2022.

22/052 – FINANCES
Receipts circulated, Appendix 2. It was RESOLVED to approve receipts for April 2022. Proposed by Cllr Tew, Seconded by Cllr Goldsmith, unanimously agreed, motion carried.
April 2022 – Receipts
NNC S136 verge cutting annual grant 995.00
NNC whole Precept monies 83,328.00
Interest 0.54

Payments Circulated, Appendix 3 (see Agenda & appendices on website for power to spend). It was RESOLVED to approve payments for May 2022. Proposed by Cllr Carter, Seconded by Cllr Mitchell, unanimously agreed, motion carried.
May 2022 (nett) – PC Payments
Best4hedging 20.94
JR Gamblen replacement equipment 5,000.00
Mowerman replacement equipment 308.33
Staff costs, Pension, HMRC 1142.69
Office, stationery, mobile, website 378.16
Village Grass Cut 1304.42
VH – emergency signs, hire fee cheque, balance of 21/22 grant 151.57
Annual Insurance 2032.09
Solar light at PF 162.87
Sutcliffe Play equipment 6313.45
It was RESOLVED to approve and sign off the internal audit and report for the external audit and publishing. Proposed by Cllr Goldsmith, Seconded by Cllr Tyrrell, unanimously agreed, motion carried. The Clerk will now send the internal audit to be approved by the external auditor.
Cllr Alvis would forward a link to the Clerk for councillors to check their Council Tax Band. Clerk to post link on social media.

22/053 – REPORTS
(a) Playing Field & Parks Management Committee – Draft minutes circulated. Query regarding outdoor table tennis unit. Cllr Boddington explained it was an outdoor concrete unit and Irchester PC were interested in purchasing a unit too. Cllr Savage will check the progress of the installation of the new multi-play equipment at St. Mary’s play area.
(b) Environmental, Highways & Street Lights – Cllr Threadgold reported the working party had met and discussed road surface thermal patching requirements, Cllr Tew had met with NNC and Ian Boyes regarding Thrift Street and Little Lane access and parking, Ben Wright from NNC Highways attending village on 01 June to discuss thermal patching on roads, issue of weeds around the village (Hayeswood to spray on Friday 20 May subject to weather conditions), Hinwick Road tree replacement is delayed due to ongoing building works at houses, refurbishing of road signs reported to NNC replace or PC repaint, purchase a leaf blower to assist keeping pathways clear particularly at Remembrance Day Parade – agreed to spend approx. £200 on this. The working party will meet on 06 September. Cllr Milroy mentioned the appearance of Windmill Close, Cllr Mitchel suggested a litter pick before the Jubilee Bank Holiday and Clerk mentioned report of state of pathway between Maltings and Manchester Road had been reported on St Dr by resident but NNC had stated not their responsibility. To investigate. It was noted telephone lines had been down due to a theft at the Bozeat exchange. There were still some issues regarding incorrect numbers. Cllr Savage advised 1 street light out which had been reported.
(c) Street Dr – Update circulated. Cllr Savage reported NNC Highways had recently attended the village and issues were being resolved. Cllr Savage is chasing NNC regarding the railings at High Street/Cobbs Lane.
(d) Footpaths – Cllr Milroy advised rubbish had been dumped along the green lane and rubbish was being left in a bag hanging on the gate. NNC to be advised.
(e) Village Hall – Cllr Goldsmith reported all going well with the usual hirers. The kitchen doors will be updated in the VH kitchen and boiler repairs are required. An architect has been approached regarding the new community centre and preschool. The company can provide a complete package from searches through to build.
(f) Crime and Community Safety – Cllr Milroy reported PCSO Donna Fenner had held a police surgery at the library but had not had a chance to catch up with her yet as to how it had gone. A complaint had been made regarding the zigzag lines to the front of the Primary School which Cllr Milroy will report to the PCSO. A number of crimes had been reported which included criminal damage, 2 assaults, shoplifting in Newton Road and theft of car batteries. A Cyber Crime poster had been placed in the Wollaston Together Magazine. Cllr Milroy has signed up to receive alerts from Neighbourhood Alert. There is a County Lines webinar available to all on Tuesday, Clerk has posted this on social media.
(g) Community Events – Cllr Boddington reported the final Jubilee Events meeting will be on Monday 23 May at 7pm The Works. The Beacon has arrived and will be tested on Wednesday 25 May at the museum. The Hill is open to midnight over the Jubilee Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Picnic in the Park paperwork is completed. Wollaston Together Magazine will have 250 copies available and be placed around the village Cllrs Threadgold and Savage assisting with deliveries. Scott Bader grant funding is available but only to charities. Suggested contacting the Heritage Society to request grant in their name.

22/054 – PLANNING
(a) Applications
Schedule was circulated with Agenda, Appendix 4.
Proposed Recycling Centre, Doddington Rd NCC/20/00017/WASFUL, NNC – No update regarding EA concerns. In abeyance.
NW/21/010808/HSC Scott Bader – No update. (NB after the meeting update received. Due to lack of H&S availability inspection still to be completed).
NW/22/0009/VAR, 9 Little Lane – Application withdrawn.
NW/22/00146/FUL, 15 Hickmire – Application permitted 05.05.22.
NW/22/00164/FUL, 34 Howard Road – Application permitted 12.05.22.
NW/22/00209/FUL 76 High Street – Application permitted 12.05.22.
NW/22/00264/FUL, 5 Little Lane – Awaiting decision. PC no objections.
NW/22/00271/FUL, 42 Hookhams Path – PC no objections to respond. Awaiting decision.
Licensing – Car Park Area, The Works, 75 London Road – PC concerned re additional cars and parking, noise and air pollution/smell from chimney. PC object.
Any other Planning Business
Hookhams Path, WP/20/00314/FUL – The groundwork has been started and there have been some issues with noise which have been reported to Bloor.

(a) Crime & Community Safety Working Party – Cllr Milroy, Police Liaison Rep.
(b) Environmental, Highways, Cemetery and Street Lighting Working Party – Cllrs Tew, Savage, Jones, Threadgold and Talbutt.
(c) Finance Working Party – Cllrs Tyrrell, Savage and Alvis.
(d) Footpaths Working Party (agreed to remain separate from Environmental) – Cllrs Alms and Milroy.
(e) Human Resource Working Party – Cllrs Goldsmith, Carter, Alvis and Alms.
(f) Planning Working Party – Cllrs Jones, Tew, Mitchell, Carter, Goldsmith, Boddington and Alvis.
(g) Village Hall & Oasis Representatives – Cllrs Carter and Goldsmith.
(h) Playing Field & Parks Management Committee – Cllrs Savage, Milroy, Tew, Mitchell and Jones. Discussion needed at annual meeting of PF to include another representative from football.
(i) Community Centre & Preschool Management Committee – Cllrs Goldsmith, Boddington, Milroy and Jones. Cllr Mitchell will support with knowledge.
(j) Events Committee – Cllrs Boddington and Milroy. It was RESOLVED to adopt the Terms of Reference for the Events Committee, unanimously agreed. To become independent from PC eventually. Discussion took place regarding report from the Parish Council for each edition of the Wollaston Together Magazine. Cllr Carter agreed to write the next piece, deadline 05 August for September edition.

Meeting of Wollaston Parish Council meeting Thursday 16 June 2022, 7pm, Oasis Building.

The Chair thanked Councillors for their attendance and closed the meeting at 8.50pm.

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