Agenda and Appendices, Wollaston Parish Council meeting, November 2022

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Meeting of the Council
Attendees are reminded that in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 and Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014, this meeting may be recorded.
You are hereby summoned to attend the Meeting of the Parish Council of Wollaston which is to be held on THURSDAY 17 NOVEMBER 2022 which commences at 7pm at The Oasis Building, High Street, Wollaston for the purpose of transacting the following business, namely:-

1. Open Meeting (15 minutes).

2. Councillors Reports North Northants Council.

3. To receive and accept apologies for absence.

4. To receive declaration of interest related to business on the agenda.

5. Confirmation of the minutes of Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday 20 October 2022.

6. Clerk’s Report (DS) (Appendix 1).
• To review and approve Training Policy and Vexatious, abusive or discriminatory communications policy.

7. Finances
• To RESOLVE to approve receipts for October 2022 (Appendix 2).
• To RESOLVE to approve payments for November 2022 (Appendix 3).
• To RESOLVE to arrange a meeting November/December 2022 to prepare draft budget in order to request the precept from the Unitary Authority by January 2023.

8. Planning (PJ)
• Applications status update and response (PJ) (Appendix 4).
(a) Any other planning business
• New Community Centre and Preschool Update (MG).
• Presentations – opening of new streets at Summers Grange, Hookhams Path (JM).

9. Reports:
(a) Community Events Update (CB/MM).
(b) Crime and Community Safety Update (MM).
(c) Village Hall update (MG) (Draft minutes Appendix 5).
(d) Footpaths Update (JA/MM).
(e) Street Dr Report (TS).
(f) Environmental Highways, Cemetery and Street Lights update (DT).
(g) Playing Field & Parks Management Committee update (TS) (Draft Minutes, Appendix 6).

10. To discuss and RESOLVE the pay scale grade for Clerk’s pay and backdated pay (JT).
(Due to the private and confidential nature of item 10, members of the public and press will be excluded)

11. Confirmation of dates to meet and prepare draft budget and next Parish Council meeting.
D. Styles Dated this 11 day of November 2022.
Wollaston Parish Council Clerk, Responsible Financial Officer.
CLERK’S REPORT – Appendix 1
Social Media:
• Updates from North Northants Council leader, Jason Smithers.
• Updates from Neighbourhood Watch, Northants Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.
• Street Dr report posted for October.
• Update from NNC regarding last brown bin collection (08.11.22) for the season.
• Burglary prevention advice from Neighbourhood Watch and Police.
• Consultation regarding leisure facilities, closed 30 October 2022.
• Warm Spaces consultation from NNC, St. Marys responded (offering a space on Wednesday and Friday mornings with refreshments).
• Adult Social Care Services consultation. Closes Sunday 15 January 2023.
• Consultation regarding Boundary Commission, Constituency changes, opens 08 November, closes 05 December 2022 (link on Wollaston Parish Council FB page).
• Neighbourhood Watch newsletter November 2022.
• Various thefts and cold calling incidents.

• Gigaclear finalising fibre broadband to village.
• Vegetation cut back organised at St. Michael’s Lane and College Street.
• Build outs on Hookhams Path development, Summers Grange.
• Wed 07 December 10am to midday – Ben Wright & Ian Boyes visiting villages in the ward with Cllrs Carr, Griffiths and Partridge-Underwood, councillors welcome to attend.

• Age UK Northants AGM 11am Wed 16 November 2022.
• AMP Listening Event Tuesday 15 November 2022, Corby.
• NCALC Climate Conference Tuesday 22 November 2022, online 9.30 to 12.30.
• Local Ward Parish Meeting – Tuesday 29 November 2022, 7.30 Church Hall, Easton Maudit – LA and Clerk attending, Agenda item is Boundary Commission Constituency border changes.

Remembrance Day Parade and Service – Sunday 13 November 2022

The event was well attended by the public and uniformed organisations. Thank you to councillors who sent their apologies because they were unable to attend. Four councillors and the clerk attended to read out the names of the fallen, the Exhortation and present the PC and village wreath of remembrance. Cllr Alms organised and lead the parade in the absence of Col Woodrow (r’trd). The children from the uniformed organisations held up the names as they were read. Ex -councillors Pam and Alan Bailey and Jim MacKenzie also attended. Jim provided the Kohima Epitaph. The Salvation Army organised this year’s event and provided the band, the order of service and the main reading with Wollaston Churches Together and Kathy Betts providing prayers and readings. Marshals closed the road to ensure everyone’s safety.
Thanks to all.

Receipts October 2022, Appendix 2

10.10.22 Lloyds Bank *1823 Monthly interest 3.57 0 3.57
18.10.22 Oxford Innovation Office deposit refund, Bryson Building 388.60 0 388.60
TOTAL: 392.17 0.00 392.17

Payments November 2022, Appendix 3


Current Planning Applications – Appendix 4
NOVEMBER 2022 @ 15.11.22
NCC 20/00017/WASFUL Land at 30-50 Doddington Road Proposed development: Industrial/
Commercial Building (Use Class B1, B2, B8 including non-hazardous waste transfer, storage, and recycling) and storage yard PC – objection, responded 06.05.200

Comments by 15.05.2020 Objection 11.06.2020
(Consultation Response – NCC, EA)
Letters of objection re-submitted
EA concerns not yet fulfilled
PC email response from Peter Moor, Principal Dev Control officer who is recommending the application is refused.

NW/21/01080/HSC Scott Bader UK Hazardous Substances Consent to store an inventory of hazardous substances at the Scott Bader site in Wollaston PC Response: Objection, insufficient information, agree with H&S Executive that qualified specialist risk assessor to be engaged. New Comm Centre to be built nearby, PC raises concerns. HSE Committee can only begin considerations 24.03.22.

Request extension to 16 January 2022 expiration. H&S Executive initially responded, applicant been asked to extend time to 30 April 22.
Debbie Kirk updated PC that holding letter from HSE will be sent by 11 November 2022. Chased Debbie 15.11.22 whether NNC received anything yet from HSE.
NW/22/00462/FUL 1 Church Lane List Building Consent/Proposed conversion of existing woodstore to utility, conversion of existing double garage to gym/home office, alterations to entrance porch, replacement rendering to (south/south-west) Victorian wing, replacement windows and French doors to kitchen, replacement WC window, along with external changes to the rear courtyard, raised patio and rainwater goods PC response to LBC
PC response to FUL

No objections, for conservation officer.

Respond by 23 July 2022 Applications permitted 18 October 2022.
NW/22/00661/FUL 81 High Street Proposed single storey extension to replace existing single storey structure PC Response: No objections

Respond by 14 October 2022 Application withdrawn 21 October 2022.
NW/22/00684/FUL 89 Hinwick Road Single storey side extension (mobility accessible) to replace detached garage and single storey rear extension (mobility accessible) with demolition of existing conservatory PC Response: For Highways

Respond by 22 October 2022. Awaiting Decision
NW/22/00707/FUL 59 Priory Road Two storey side extension and first floor side extension and lean to roof above an existing single storey front projection PC Response: For Highways

Respond by 29 October 2022. Awaiting Decision
NW/22/00691/LDP Wollaston Hall High St Cert lawful dev, annex for manufacture of separate product group (Crestapol) built on side of existing production building (NPP). Mixture of 2 storey with plant deck section & single storey section. Building will be braced steel frame. Upper floors open grill decking. Extension to have insulated profiled metal sheeting roof & wall cladding. Foundations likely to be deepened traditional pad foundations. Ground floor slab anticipated to be ground-bearing in-situ concrete slab. New concrete apron will be created between annex and site’s existing arterial road PC Comments: To come under SB HSE inspection Awaiting Decision
NW/22/00794/CND Land Adj 25 Hookhams Path Approval of details reserved by condition 19 (an ecological design strategy (EDS) addressing the planting and establishment of the community woodland) of planning permission reference WP/20/00314/FUL PC comments: (if any)

Expiry Date: 08 December 2022 for consultation. Awaiting Decision:

Draft Minutes Village Hall Committee meeting – Appendix 5

6.30pm, Tuesday 08 November 2022
Village Hall, Wollaston

Present: Dr Mike Goldsmith (Chair), Mr Geoff Simmons (Treasurer), Greg Carter, Fran Woods, Sarah Layram, Kathy Betts and Jess Lusher.
Apologies: Debra Styles (Secretary), Maureen Green, Rep from Bowls club.

1. Welcome and Apologies
Mike welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were given as above.

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes from the meeting which took place on 04 October 2022 were agreed and signed.

3. New Community Centre and Preschool
There have been problems meeting with the Duchy as the contact has left with their replacement not in the position until January 2023. The new proposed design requires a fraction more land and there is guarantee from the Duchy we would get it. Representatives from North Northants Council S106 and early years team are not available yet. NNC have proposed to keep the freehold of the land and lease it to the Parish Council. The PC will only agree if it a lease of 999 years at minimal cost. Doc Martens have offered £50,000 towards the new build. Jess mentioned Scott Bader have a new community project scheme. There were no copies of the latest designs for the new build available. Mike will ask Debra to email a copy to the committee members.

4. Matters Arising
Debra will respond to the blood donation site request. This would have to be done during school holidays. Geoff reported that Smiths fire inspection requires £350 + VAT to amend emergency light etc – Geoff will sort. The requirement for sanitary bins needs more research and Greg will discuss with Debra. It was agreed 1 bin should be in every cubicle including the Oasis with the purchase of bins and Sarah to empty, was the preferred option. Bins liners are required for each bin. Cubicles need to be measured to check the bins will fit.

5. Treasurer’s Report
Geoff confirmed outstanding rents have been paid and all up to date to the end of October except Yoga. Sarah to chase up. The railings have been finished to a good standard and the invoice paid. Scouts cheque is “in the post”.

6. Caretaker’s Report
Quiet at the moment apart from Christmas fairs. Prices for children’s parties etc to be discussed at the next meeting – to be increased.

7. Busy Bees Report
Jess reported they have around 11 children but only 4 or 5 in at the moment. A preschool has closed in Wellingborough, so they have had enquiries from there. Good amount of money in the bank.

8. Youth Club Report
Numbers are stable and new helpers have settled in well. Bingo event this weekend, Saturday 12 November 2022.

9. Over 60’s Bowls
Jean has passed a message to Fran which included the removal of the fundraising target board in the cupboard – Greg will speak to JJ about this. The bowls machine is not to be pushed too far back into the cupboard as members are physically not able to get it out. 2 proper bowls mats which form part of a set have disappeared. No one knows anything about this and it was suggested a lockable box/storage could be made available for their possessions. (After note: Debra saw Jean on Thursday after the meeting and mentioned the fundraising board. Debra suggested she could move the boards to the bin cupboard at the bingo session as all the tables and the bowls machine will be pulled out then).

10. Studio 52 Dance Academy
All ok.

11. Other Users
No report.

12. Date of Next Meeting
Tuesday 06 December 2022 for the AGM followed by the general meeting at the Village Hall lounge, High Street, Wollaston.

Appendix 6 – draft Playing Field Minutes

Tuesday 08 November 2022, 7.00pm
At The Hill, Wollaston

Messrs Jones, Mitchell, Perry, Savage (Chair), and Silsby – Miss D. Styles, Clerk.


Mr Cotter, Green, Tew and Mrs Milroy (Vice Chair).

The minutes of the last meeting from 11 October 2022 were agreed unanimously and signed as a correct record.

Finances were circulated to end of October 2022. Spends included £35.09 for floodlights, sign at St. Marys £70, tree audit report £1,295, repair to storage fencing £272 and annual weed and feed £1,160. The contract for the floodlights energy charge will expire soon, Clerk to look at cheaper standing charge with existing and other providers. Mr Savage, Mrs Milroy and Clerk will meet to put together a draft budget for the next financial year. Clerk confirmed there is £185 on Barton account for tractor fuel.

Mr Savage had inspected all equipment and handed over the inspection sheets to the Clerk. There are no issues at the playing field. Mr Savage had found a bolt to repair the toddler swing and has some spares for future use and the fence by the brook had been repaired. The safety report had been received from Seagrave Inspections which showed the safety tiles need monitoring for gaps and will need a clean. The ownership sign needs checking and some of the fixings need checking to ensure the bolts are tight enough. There is some damage to the notices at the Pyghtles play area. The missing sign from St Marys which was only erected last month was found by 2 girls in the vegetation to the rear of the site. Imperial Carpentry will put this in again. The bench and springer seat have been refurbished/repaired. The repaint of the equipment may have to wait until Spring now. Clerk to ask Playground Supplies to have a look at the fixings for the basket swing. The gym equipment is in working order.

Clerk to obtain another key for Mr Silsby to help with opening the site in the morning as the Clerk no longer walks that way to work and it was noted the site had not been opened by SB recently. Mr Savage locks the site in the evening. No issues with the site. The lease of the site expires in 2027. The chair of the Parish Council and Mr Mutter of SB are discussing the future of the site.

Mr Perry confirmed everything is ticking along but football teams struggle to get a team together due to injuries and player availability. Play is good when the games are on. All managers are working hard with the teams, the committee is strong and the bar is going well. Thanks to Dave for cutting the pitch, the ground is good. A septic tank empty has been requested which will be the first one since the end of the cricket season. During the Summer, the field would more likely to be available on a Sunday for other activities. Most of the sport is played on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Mr Savage has purchased Hawthorne root ball trees for the front of the site where damage occurred due to the break in as last year’s saplings have not really taken. Mr Savage and Mr Jones will plant them once they arrive. He has also purchased 3 basketball nets. Mr Savage and the Clerk met Mr Harwood at the playing field car park last Friday. A quote has been received for in the region of 51 spaces. It was agreed to go ahead with this quote and a discussion at the budget meeting will determine whether the works will be completed this financial year or monies earmarked for the works in the next financial year. 2 quotes have been received for Stage 2 works to the trees, another 1 is due shortly. To be discussed at next meeting for works to be completed in this financial year. Clerk has obtained an updated quote for the use of the S106 monies for the MUGA but not had a chance to have a look at it. A discussion needs to be had with Mr Cotter on how to utilise the MUGA to provide more space for youth football with suggestions of 3G surface and a retractable fence in the middle of the site to enable youth football to use the whole area for training with goals both ends.

The very dry Summer has caused some damage to the site at the playing field. The Sports Association has a lease on the clubhouse which expires on 01 March 2033. Cricket has been played on the site since the 1920’s with football coming along later. The land was conveyed to the Parish Council but there is no agreement in place as to the use of the land other than it can only be used for exercise, sport and recreation for Wollaston and Strixton. Most sports associations own their sport grounds. The football and cricket clubs are due to update their accounts and will provide this Committee with a copy once they are ready. Both clubs confirmed profits are ploughed back into the sport. Mr Perry confirmed there are some 250 adults involved with sport in the village. Clerk will ask Mr Essam from ME Electrics to contact Mr Perry to look at the wiring to the exterior security lights on the clubhouse. A bracket is still needed to mount the security solar light purchased earlier in the year.

Tuesday 13 December 2022, 7pm, The Hill, Wollaston.

There being no further business the Chair thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.15pm.