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Potential HORSE FAIR Bank Holiday Weekend August

We have been advised there is the potential of a horse fair taking place in the field opposite Summer Leys.  As licences etc have not been approved, the event has been cancelled and particularly in light of the current Pandemic it would be unwise for the event to go ahead.  However, rumour has it the event is still going ahead with travellers arriving around the area over the next week or so for the event to happen from Friday 28 August with horse and trap events, and other events over the Bank Holiday Weekend.
Should the event still go ahead, the Parish Council would advise not to confront any travellers should you have any issues, please call 101 or if an emergency, 999.   In the meantime there are things you can do to keep safe, such as putting keys and valuables away so they are not on display.  Ensuring cars and properties (including sheds and other outbuildings) are securely locked.  If you do require any maintenance works to be completed, make sure the contractors have public liability insurance in case anything goes wrong and a Licence to Dispose of Waste.  Any waste found that is illegally fly tipped could be traced back to you and you could be fined.

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