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We find ourselves in challenging and unprecedented times.   We've been told to stay at home, self isolate, keep everyone safe.
People are reacting in different ways with many worried about their futures with the temporary closure of many businesses and the unknown for those who are self employed.  Others are able to carry on and work from home.  Children are being home schooled whilst older children due to take exams this year, are worrying about their results.  The Government have put many strategies, policies and procedures in place for all workers, businesses and the self employed to try to ensure these can continue once the pandemic is over as well as for those more vulnerable in society, those in care and being looked after, the NHS, testing, Personal Protective Equipment and exam results.
Despite the worrying times we find ourselves in, communities are coming together, volunteers are rallying round, teachers are providing school work for children, keyworkers such as shop workers, delivery people, bin emptying crews, cleaners and carers are all now at last being recognised for the invaluable work they do.  The NHS, fire service, police, pharmacists and paramedics are celebrated and have become heroes.
Wollaston is no different.   Community groups and local shops are coming together to help the residents of Wollaston who find they need some assistance.  It is great to see the whole community coming together with rainbows at windows to spot and teddy bears too waiting for a 'Bear Hunt'.
If you are social media savvy you can contact the Covid 19 WIK support group on Facebook.  If you want to be put in contact with the WIK group please contact the clerk on 07856 203260 or email  The County Council have provided a Strategic Coordination Centre run by the Northamptonshire Community Resilience Service.  Their contact details are - 0300 126 1000 (option 5) and email address     if you feel you need help, care or support.  They will put you in touch with local groups who can help you.  You can also use #NorthantsTogether on social media.
The Government have developed lifelines for the self employed and businesses.  Please look at the Government website  The Government should be contacting self employed directly.  Local authorities are providing support for businesses.  Families can apply for universal credit via the website for those needing financial support.  There is an extra £300 million available to pharmacies and £400 million to bus routes.  There should be support for everyone through these tough times, search the website.
Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives.

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