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Northamptonshire County Council Highways carry out  Highway repairs from time to time. 
If you spot any blocked drains or potholes you can report them on Northants Street Doctor.   You can also report other items too on the site.  Visit the site and see what you can do about your community to help keep it clean and safe.
The Spring on Cobbs Lane is due to be redressed in the new financial year for the County Council.  Hopefully this will stem the flow of water from the natural spring from the Cemetery.  Unfortunately, this is an ongoing problem as it is a natural spring and it will 'move' to find an exit route.  The Parish Council and Highways at Northants County Council are working together to try to install a gully to run from the Spring alongside the path, across the path and into the nearest available storm drain on Cobbs Lane.
The salt bin has salt available for residents to sprinkle on the area when the area becomes frozen in cold weather.

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