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Parish Council meeting tonight postponed until further notice

The Parish Council meeting for 19 March 2020 is postponed.
This is due to Covid-19 where a majority of councillors are staying out of public places and the clerk is currently self isolating for 7 days. The office will be closed until wednesday 25th march 2020.
The next meeting of the Parish Council will be as as we have further details at Oasis Building, High Street, Wollaston.  Agendas will be placed on the notice boards outside the Co op, on the board by the zebra crossing on South Street and on the website.  There is a public open meeting for the first 15 minutes for residents to attend and raise any issues and concerns they may have.    The Parish Council can then discuss your issues or concerns if they are on the Agenda for that evening, otherwise the issue will be raised and resolved by councillors at the next meeting.   Only issues on the Agenda can be discussed at meetings and resolved.
Residents are welcome to sit through the whole meeting and listen but they will not be entitled to comment.   Residents will be asked to leave if there is a confidential matter being discussed.
If you are interested in becoming a councillors, see the website or our Wollaston Parish FB page for more information.  It is an exciting opportunity to represent your community and help to keep it a great place to live and work.  You need to be open and honest and be able to contribute positively with a can do attitude.  The Parish Council meet every third Thursday of the month so you will need to be available for meetings and work within a team.   You can contact the clerk on for further details.

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