Lindsay Alvis

Wollaston Parish Councillor

8 Prospect Close
NN29 7SP
In May 2007, I was appointed a Parish Councillor to the Wollaston Parish Council, and took on the responsibility of the Wollaston Youth Project. The focus of the project was to re-establish a meeting place for children aged 13 to 17 in the village. In 2009 I was elected vice chair for the Parish and served in that capacity for the next two years. In May 2011 I was re-elected as a Councillor and stood for and was elected Chair of the Parish Council. In May 2015 I was appointed again as a Councillor to the Parish Council but decided not to stand for office. I also am a serving member of the Planning Group and have recently joined the committee of the Wollaston Heritage Society. During my time as Chair I assisted in the relocation of the Clerk to a new office and also, briefly served on the committee of the Wollaston Heritage Society giving up this role to focus my attention with assisting the Wollaston Village Hall Management Committee.
Declaration of Interests: